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Periodontics Residency Certificate Program

Updated: Jan 23

I always intended to spend my life making a difference rather than merely making a living. I thought long and hard about how I could translate my meaning into reality and considered several healthcare career paths. When I looked at dentistry, I noticed that every dentist I spoke to reported high professional satisfaction. It was also an excellent fit for me as I have a solid esthetic sense and a wish to work on a one-to-one basis with patients over the long term. It is a decision that I have never regretted. As my training and work progressed, I became more interested in periodontics. Now, I wish to acquire the specialist skills and knowledge to enable me to practice, research, and teach this vital specialty in which so many exciting developments in techniques and materials are being developed.

During my general dental training, there was an emphasis on the health of supporting structures. I became increasingly interested in the problems that arise when they are unhealthy and the means of prevention and treatment. In my work as a general dentist, I have also learned that gingival recession is a common and severe problem and is a further reason for making this application. As my interest has grown, I have taken every opportunity during my internships and since to acquire exposure to the work of periodontists and have read relevant professional journals; in the process, my ambition to specialize has become a passionate determination. I am particularly attracted to the specialty because of my strong interest in the aesthetic aspects of dentistry. I have witnessed the dramatic improvements in appearance that an excellent specialist can achieve and the consequent improved patient self-esteem and confidence. I seek that extremely elevated level of professional satisfaction routinely available to specialists in this field.

I am drawn by the fact that specialists deal with extraordinarily complex cases, each with unique aspects that require meticulous planning combined with creative and original thinking and a need to be aware of all current developments in the specialty. I have a strong interest in innovations in techniques and materials and feel extremely excited at the prospect of joining such a dynamic professional environment.

Preventive care is especially important in periodontics. Maintaining healthy supporting structures as vital to oral and dental health cannot be over-emphasized. I have been involved in several endeavors to encourage effective dental and oral health regimes. I hope to do much throughout my future career to further awareness and establish and promote the most effective means of doing so.

Apart from skills, knowledge, and experience, I understand that empathy is a vital ‘ingredient’ in the specialty, as is the ability to engender confidence and trust in patients. These characteristics cannot be taught or measured. I know this specialty is vital to respect patients as individuals rather than as a set of case notes and images and to deal with them patiently and sympathetically. I always seek to do so and put the patient’s needs first.

I have benefited from excellent dental training at a prestigious institution where I was awarded a creditable GPA of 4.19/5 and a comprehensive internship training program that exposed me to several dental specialties and provided a firm foundation in general dentistry. I also have post-graduate experience in general dentistry, which has exposed me to various conditions and patient types and has helped me develop the ‘soft' skills that help to build excellent relationships with patients.

After much thought, I am making this application to assure the reader that I shall apply as I know the specialty requires a broad range of skills, knowledge, and experience. I am confident that I possess the passion for the specialty that will enable me to excel in the program and my career. I assure the reader that I shall apply exceptional diligence, enthusiasm, and determination to the program.

Thank you for considering my application.

Periodontics Residency Certificate Program

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