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CAAPID International Dentist Personal Statement

Updated: Jan 26

Originally from Jordan, I have been making a new home alongside my husband in the San Francisco area for some time now. He is a physician, and I am a dentist. We share the main passion of helping the underserved, practicing our professions, and doing so voluntarily to the extent we can. I will always think of Jordan as my home in addition to the USA. I have also learned about Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. My heart has bled for my people for years since I became aware of the widespread political violence plaguing the region for so long. After earning my DDS/DMD Degree here in America, I hope to, at some point, return to Jordan as part of dental/medical missions caring for the numerous refugees in Jordan from surrounding countries, especially Syria and Iraq.

Here in the USA, I also plan to focus on the underserved, the members of marginalized communities here in California, Spanish-speaking migrants, many of whom are undocumented and, therefore, find dental care most difficult. I have intensively spent the last few years studying Spanish, primarily for this purpose. I feel that my experience and dedication will help me to hit the ground running in your doctoral program, particularly my most recent incident, since I am currently serving as a Visiting Scholar at the XXXX School of Dentistry at the University of the XXXX, where I am assisting intensively with several projects dedicated to the improvement of clinical results.

My natural curiosity for how things worked and how they were constructed kept me occupied as a child. Generally praised for being innovative, sometimes I was scolded for destroying toys, remotes, and even a PC. My parents kept my mind and hands busy with extracurricular activities that cultivated my manual dexterity and constructive capabilities. Both of my parents were supportive of my decision to choose dentistry as my career. Thus, I like to think of myself as someone who has been groomed from infancy to bring smiles to the faces of those around me.

My determination to become a dentist was strengthened as I matured and began to pay closer attention to the suffering around me in Jordan due to inadequate attention to oral health issues and how poverty is radically compounded by poverty. At least, for now, Jordan is not at war with any of its neighbors. Early on, when I became a first-hand witness to the vast and sustainable effects of recovering a beautiful smile and the profound gift of a sincere and talented dentist, the positive impact that they can have on a person’s life, I was hooked.

As a teenager, I had a defective smile due to congenitally missing bilateral incisors, which resulted in my lack of self-esteem and confidence. By the end of my treatment journey, I was taken by the dental world, the instruments, the techniques, the teamwork, and the evident and lasting improvements. My own life was highly enhanced by dental treatment, and this is another reason I want to be the person to help people feel the way I felt because of my treatment. From the time of my treatment forward, I never wavered in the goal set before me, so I made sure that I maintained a high GPA since Jordan’s dental schools have very rigid requirements. I implemented sophisticated study skills and became an expert in time management; this helped me achieve a percentile ranking in my class of 98.7. I soon found myself studying at Jordan University’s School of Dentistry.

I am pleased to have clinical experience at some of Amman’s most prestigious dental centers. I have volunteered many hours with the Jordan Volunteers Association, especially the Jordan Health Aid Society. I worked with underserved communities for six months to increase their oral awareness and implement preventive care programs. We also worked within Iraqi and Syrian refugee camps, treating victims of war and dislocation, often with apparent signs of severe PTSD.

I keenly look forward to mastering the latest techniques in dentistry as a student in your program. I also look forward to learning valuable and enriching things from my fellow students in the program, especially those from developing countries that face challenges like those we meet in Jordan. I dream of someday opening my dental practice as part of the community, including those less fortunate, particularly those without dental care. First, I look forward to gaining extensive experience and proving myself as a valuable team member, determined to excel at what I do.

Thank you for considering my application to study for the doctoral degree in dentistry.

CAAPID International Dentist Personal Statement


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