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Asian International Dentist 25 Years Experience

Updated: Feb 4

I am an Asian dentist from Moldova who has immigrated permanently to America, and I hope to continue practicing as a dentist in my new home country. Thank you in advance for considering the application of an older, non-traditional student for acceptance into your program. I ask for special consideration because I want to return as possible to help with dentistry's extensive challenges throughout the former Soviet Union, especially in Moldova.

I realize that a few 48-year-olds are admitted to DDS programs for international dentists. I want to be the older man in the class, which is healthy for academic diversity. I feel strongly that the presence of a more senior, non-traditional student with vast experience in a critical part of the world is good for the academic community. Furthermore, I plan to work as hard as my body allows for another 2 to 3 decades. Based on the world-class education I hope to receive by completing your distinguished International Dentist Program, I am confident I will have much to contribute to our profession in the long term. I feel strongly that my unique life experiences will propel me forward to the significant contributions to dentistry that I am destined to fulfill.

I was born in Russia’s Siberia. I have visited and lived in numerous countries, consistently exercising my profession as a dentist in one way or another: participating in scientific conferences, observerships, hands-on seminars, and trade shows. The list includes Germany, the Czech Republic, Israel, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Russia, and Ukraine. I studied English, German, and Hebrew. English is the language that I have mastered the best after Russian. I learned German because I wanted to communicate with my colleagues in Germany.

The Soviet government did not place a very high priority on either dental research or dental practice. Thus, right after the Soviet system collapsed and our borders were opened for traveling, I was hungry to escape to the rest of the world, see, and learn. First, I went to Germany to observe the German dentistry style. I saw how far behind we were compared to Germany from the first day. I saw a vast difference between “our” way of dentistry throughout the USSR and an “art” in German dental clinics. While the general medical-dental knowledge was not so far apart, the German understanding of the principles of materials and technology was light years more advanced. A deep desire to return to study in a highly modern system such as the contemporary DDS Program in the USA took root, and I have longed to return to school ever since.

I spent five years studying to become a dentist in the Republic of Moldova, graduating in 1986 and began working immediately as a dentist in a public hospital. A decade later, I would be able to distinguish myself for one year in an AEGD Residency Program at the College of Dentistry at the University of Oklahoma, earning a Certificate of Completion. From 1989 through 2006, I worked with the XXXX Christian Medical Society of Moldova, serving as Vice President. From 1999 through 2005, I served as the Medical Coordinator for Moldova with XXXX USA. From 2005 through 2011, I was in private practice before immigrating to the USA.

Throughout my years as a dentist, I increasingly realized that Dentistry is never static; it is an exceptionally dynamically developing field of science. As someone committed to lifelong education, I look forward to becoming a much more highly qualified dentist after completing your program, someone who will be able to make significant advances in my contribution to our profession. I am also sure that the experience of your program will result in new, incredibly creative energy that I will have to devote to the cause of dental missions to the Developing World, in my case, Central Asia in particular.

I want to become part of a multidisciplinary dental institute, something like "Head and Neck Center," where together with other colleagues and specialists, we could not only implement the most recent and advanced technology available in the rehabilitation of the health status of our patients, but this would also be an excellent platform for valuable research in new and advanced treatment methods.

I am confident that many excellent and talented dentists worldwide are applying to your distinguished International Dental Program. I ask to be considered based on my tremendous and well-established passion for dentistry. Dentistry is my life, and I have devoted 25 years to it, a lot of postdoctoral education, and abundant experience. Your program will bring my international education to fruition in America, where I can blossom as a dentist like never before.

Asian International Dentist 25 Years Experience


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