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Asian International Dentist Personal Statement Edit

Updated: Feb 8

I am a highly experienced dentist from Korea with many years of operating my dental practice in my country. I have also been privileged to teach dentistry as a part-time faculty member. Having made New York City my new permanent home for the past three years and now 48 years old, I am hungry for increased professional advancement, especially since I will be completing a 2-year Advanced Education Program in Implant Dentistry at XXU next month. I want to continue my progress in the USA by earning a DDS Degree.

After earning the DDS, I look forward to many decades to come giving my all, especially on behalf of the underserved, both here in NYC and back home in Korea. I also hope to teach in Korea and the United States at some point in time. Especially in Korea, I would like to work to incorporate a progressive focus on the underserved in Korean society as part of dental school curricula and outreach. Earning the DDS Degree would go a long way toward helping me to meet these goals.

My interest in social service for the underprivileged and underserved originated early on due to the fine example set for me by my grandfather – my first and most important role model. I remember following him to his dental clinic and begging him to let me stay and ‘shadow’ him, observing what he was doing. Sometimes he allowed me to do so. Since becoming a dentist, I have always labored to become well-respected, doing everything I could to provide my patients with the highest quality oral health care. I finished dental school in Korea in my twenties and have continued to keep myself up to date with developments and advancements in dentistry by reading the literature, attending dental workshops and seminars, and continuing educational programs - all the while running my private practice on a full-time basis. With the help of both my husband and the staff, I was able to successfully operate the busiest and most popular clinic in my home city of ________ for nineteen years. It was an enormous success due to our attention to detail and patient satisfaction.

My volunteer efforts began when I was still a dental student. Since completing dental school approximately two decades ago, I have always volunteered my time to the extent that I could do so. Throughout our time in _____ Korea, I provided free treatment to some poor members of our local community, especially senior citizens. Many immigrant workers from other Southeast Asian countries in Korea often go without dental care because of a lack of insurance. I remember fondly how some of them would struggle to express their thanks in broken Korean; I felt grateful to my profession that I could help.

Several years ago, I decided to pursue advanced training in dentistry in the USA because I want to practice at the forefront of my field. Some family members opposed my leaving a successful private practice to return to school. However, my mother understood since she began college at 62 and graduated with honors four years later; she was incredibly supportive. I sold my dental practice and came to America to study in the Advanced Program in Implantology at New York University’s College of Dentistry. I will soon be in America for three years. It was a significant risk but has proven worth it; new hopes, goals, and dreams become realities. My two years as an XXU implant resident, working with doctors worldwide, were thrilling. Although I had placed numerous implants in my private practice for at least a decade before this experience, I not only acquired improved surgery skills and advanced prosthodontics techniques, but I was also able to assist with research projects and perform extensive literature reviews, becoming accomplished at developing treatment plans and practicing the evidence-based dentistry.

Becoming a very hard-working dentist in Korea and then building on that experience in my Implantology Program at XXU enabled me to become a highly skilled surgeon making constant progress towards my professional dream of more excellent service to the underserved in America back home. After earning the DDS Degree, I look forward to teaching and social assistance. I love teaching – helping others grow, and I want to focus my energy on updating and improving treatments. Most importantly, I hope to continue my activities in social service as before in Korea because this is the most central to giving my life meaning as a ‘respectable’ dentist – ‘respect’ being of unique prominence in Korean culture.

Since last September (2015), I have been working in a private clinic operated by a member of XXU’s faculty.  It is a great delight to be working in the forefront of dentistry in the world's central city. I look forward to maximizing my contribution to dentistry due to earning the DDS Degree at your distinguished institution.

Asian International Dentist Personal Statement Edit


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