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Blessing the Dentist India Personal Statement Editing

Updated: Feb 7

When I visited the dentist’s office as a child in India, we often blessed our dentist after our treatments. This was a formative experience for me, socialization in nobility. Since I can remember, I have thought of the dentist as the pinnacle of respectability and the professional most worthy of esteem. Since I am driven to succeed in my chosen field, I have always worked extremely hard, so I graduated second in my dental school class of 45. Since I came to America a year ago, I have jumped right into my profession in its new context, learning a great deal about dentistry in my new country through an observership, my volunteer work as a Dental Assistant at a free clinic, and most recently my position as a Research Volunteer with the UCLA Dental Research Project.

I am a young woman who is extremely focused on her career and wants to become the most highly skilled and responsible dentist possible; this goal consumes me and makes me incredibly happy. Making my patients my priority is the most natural thing I could do. I look forward to many decades of staying abreast of all the significant developments in dentistry, always providing innovative treatment. Thus, I am now at a point where I see working towards attaining the DDS Degree in America as the beginning of a lengthy career in international dentistry and dental education.

After completing a program for International Dentists and becoming licensed to practice, I look forward to working for exceptionally talented dentists who will provide the optimal setting to continue enhancing my skills. My long-term goal is to specialize in oral and maxillofacial surgery. I hope to establish my own dental office someday and—to the extent I can afford— build my practice around service to the less privileged members of our community. I always intend to maintain dynamic and creative contacts with academic dentistry programs, learning from world-renowned faculty and colleagues. I also want to stay constantly engaged with the non-profit clinics in my community, as I see this as central or foundational importance to our moral code as doctors. My volunteer service also warms my heart and fills my soul. I have been networking with numerous oral-health-care-related, non-profit organizations for years—both online and brick and mortar--constantly gaining valuable experience in a human and professional organization for a worthy cause.

Breakthrough research in oral cancer/gingivitis and periodontal diseases occupies the center of my world. Currently working under the supervision of Dr. XXXX at UCXX, I am completely immersed in our quest to detect biomarkers for the early detection of these diseases. I feel enormously privileged to be a part of such a world-class research team since it is difficult for me to imagine a more noble cause than the early detection of oral cancer. I also have the privilege of doing data entry for a research project in dental education and evidence-based dentistry with Dr. XXXX in UCXX’s Pediatric Dentistry Department.

I completed my bachelor’s degree in general dentistry from a well-recognized college in India, graduating second in a class of sixty students. I am a student of high integrity and a firm believer in the importance of a merit-based admission process. I have invaluable professional and volunteer experience in the public (nonprofit) and private sectors. I have been exposed to various ideal healthcare settings, first in India and now in America. I have worked in rural and urban areas and treated patients from all backgrounds and with all kinds of disorders. I especially treasure my professional experience in multicultural settings in India and the US, allowing me to gain confidence in my ability to learn quickly. This is why I expect to excel in your program.

Blessing the Dentist India Personal Statement Editing


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