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CAAPID Application Personal Statement Writing and Editing Service, Orthodontics

Updated: Mar 19

I consider myself to be a competent professional. I am very happy to be the member of a profession in which so many advances in techniques and materials are being achieved for the benefit of so many and I look forward to learning and applying the most advanced techniques available. I understand that not every dentist who appreciates the value of orthodontics, my specialty of choice, is equipped to specialize and that uncommon skills and characteristics are required but I believe that I have the potential to become a first-class practitioner. I enjoy the treatment planning process and am meticulous in pre-treatment preparation, I readily co-operate with others to achieve a common goal, I consider myself to be an original and creative person with an appreciation of esthetics and I believe that my empathy and patient-centered approach together with an ability to communicate well, will provides a firm basis to excel in the specialty.

I am very interested in undertaking research and have been involved in as much research as possible during and since my internship. I have already contributed to one piece of published research ‘Awareness and Acceptance of Dental Therapists Among Dentists: A Cross-sectional Study Among Dentists in XXXX’ and I am now working on research relating to restorative dentistry which is currently in the publication process and entitled: ‘Assessment of Adaptation of Two Types of Dental Adhesives and Composites Using Cross Polymerization Optical Coherence Tomography’.  I believe that the characteristics called for in an excellent orthodontist overlap considerably with those called for in undertaking effective research. I am confident that I have the potential to conduct effective research and greatly look forward to doing so.

I am aware that many more cultures are represented in the US than in Saudi Arabia and, consequently, that cultural sensitivity and awareness are particularly vital to a medical or dental professional in the US. I am fairly widely-travelled and I enjoy being exposed to varied cultures and learning about their histories and traditions and sharing knowledge of my own heritage. I particularly enjoy trying the foods of different cultures.  I am a friendly, outgoing person with a well-developed sense of humor and fully fluent in English. I took part in many extra-curricular activities during my training which has provided useful experience as an effective team member, enabling me to excel as part of a professional team.

Unusually for a child, I was quite enthusiastic about visiting the dentist because mine was so kind, patient and friendly. From an early age, I wanted to emulate her and so made the decision to pursue dentistry. It is a decision that I have never regretted, seeing grimaces of pain turn into smiles of relief and gratitude provides me with a great deal of satisfaction. I qualified in 2016 with a creditable GPA of 4.4/5 and completed an internship program in Saudi Arabia in mid-2017 and have been working in general practice since that time. This background has provided me with comprehensive exposure to general dentistry. I now seek to qualify to practice in the US and then to pursue specialist studies in Orthodontics which has become a passion since seeing the dramatic and life-enhancing results that excellent specialists can provide. Ultimately, my aim is to become a world-class specialist practicing, researching and teaching in the specialty and in assisting in the provision of widespread and effective preventative education in dental and oral health in Saudi Arabia and beyond.

I have been involved in providing preventative education in oral and dental health in Saudi Arabia which is one of my major interests. An increasing incidence in caries is a feature of Saudi dental health caused by increasing consumption of refined sugars which also contributes significantly to obesity and diabetes. I want to be part of the solution to this problem and see the key as being education at the very earliest possible ages, close parental involvement and regular reinforcement of the message that diet and dental health regimes can greatly enhance general health.

I have been the beneficiary of excellent training and facilities and have treated patients of all ages presenting with a wide range of conditions under skilled and caring mentors. During my undergraduate studies, I sought as much exposure to esthetic dentistry as possible and was able to assist in many challenging cases involving esthetics and enhancement of function and this provided exceptional satisfaction. My passion for orthodontic work was truly fired when assisting in the treatment of a girl in her late teens who was extremely distressed because of the unsightly appearance of her anterior teeth and confided that she had little confidence and totally avoided social gatherings. When her treatment was complete, her appearance was dramatically improved and her confidence restored. She became engaged shortly afterwards and I was privileged to be invited to her wedding.

I can assure the reader that I shall apply myself with exceptional diligence and enthusiasm to the program in order to excel, rather than merely succeed within it.

Thank you for considering my application.

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