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Cuban International Dentist Personal Statement

Updated: Jan 31

From an early age, I wanted to make a difference rather than make a living, so I decided to work in healthcare. Dentistry attracted me because, even as a child, I saw that dentists could make a dramatic and immediate difference in people’s lives by relieving acute pain. As my interest grew, I became more aware of the ability of a skilled dentist to improve the appearance and dietary choices of patients and their general health. I decided on my career path, which I have never regretted.


My goal is to qualify to practice in the US and work in the deprived and underserved communities I am already familiar with from my work to date. I am particularly interested in providing effective preventative instruction to the general population, especially children and the less advantaged. I hope to create relationships with schools and youth organizations to help educate the young on essential dental health. There remains much work to be done in effective preventative education in the US, and the key, I believe, is to start with the young. I am also firmly intent on regularly giving my time and skills to impoverished communities and homeless people here and abroad.

I am a highly qualified and experienced general dentist, Stomatologist, and Maxillofacial surgeon, raised and trained in Cuba and with significant work experience in Cuba and Central/South America countries. Training for healthcare professionals in Cuba is excellent, and entry is highly competitive. Admission indicates a high degree of diligence and intelligence. I graduated with a ‘Gold Degree,’ equivalent to ‘Summa Cum Laude’ in the US, from the prestigious Superior Institute of Medical Sciences of Villa Clara, Cienfuegos.

During the third and fourth years of my undergraduate training, I sacrificed much of my vacation time to work with one of my teachers and a fellow student in a rural community. This experience provided an excellent grounding in primary dentistry, diagnosis, and oral and dental preventative education. I also learned much about relating to patients, gaining their confidence, and reassuring fearful adults and child patients.

After graduating with a specialty in General Integral Stomatology, I successfully applied for a residency program in Maxillofacial Surgery. I started the first year in December 2007, and ended in December 2010. I received first-class training in Anatomy, Emergency Dentistry, Implantology, Oral Surgery, the use of plasma and biomaterials, pain relief, the treatment of facial and dental injuries and hospital management of dental pathologies, treatment of oral, facial, and neck cancer, as well as the importance of prevention and early detection together with the importance of effective cross-disciplinary co-operation. From January 2011 to March 2012, I worked as a specialist in maxillofacial surgery while also practicing as a general dentist in the same hospital.

From April through June 2012, I served in the Cuban medical mission in Venezuela, as General Dentist and Oral Surgeon in Coro, Falcon State. During July and August 2012, I volunteered in marginalized communities in Colombia for health promotion and prevention of oral diseases and screening for oral cancer.

I was selected to tutor students up to their fifth year of training. This reflected my exam results and the confidence of my teachers and superiors. I immensely enjoyed teaching and hope to undertake part-time education in my future career.

I moved to Louisville, KY, in August 2012, learned about US culture, and studied English as a second language, passing Level 6. I have been living in Miami for the last three years. For the previous two years, I have worked one day each week as a volunteer in a dental clinic to familiarize myself with the professional environment in the US and to ensure that I am aware of current advances in techniques, tools, and materials, supplemented by the reading of texts and specialist periodicals.

I know the importance of having hobbies when working in a stressful and demanding field. I love all sports, especially baseball, and I am an enthusiastic tennis and soccer player. Having been raised by the sea, I visit a gym regularly and love to fish. For the past two years, I have volunteered to organize and develop children’s tennis tournaments and provide some coaching.  I have friends from many social and ethnic backgrounds and enjoy meeting new people from unfamiliar cultures.

I have provided evidence of exceptional academic ability, a passion for dentistry, excellent dental education, and significant and broad practical experience. I am confident that I have the potential to excel within the program and ‘add value to it by sharing the many fruits of my knowledge and training.

Thank you for considering my application.

Cuban International Dentist Personal Statement


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