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Dental Explorers Program Personal Statement

Updated: Jan 25

I was raised in an Egyptian Coptic family and culture where service to others is expected. Consequently, I have been involved in many voluntary activities, such as distributing necessities to homeless people here and abroad, which I still do locally every week. Therefore, it seemed natural to seek a healthcare career, and I have researched the various potential health-related career paths that might be open to me.

Dentistry appealed to me mainly for several reasons: my contact with dentists in early childhood was a positive experience; I liked and admired the friendly, caring dentists who treated me and felt no apprehension; I relate well to others and am regarded as an amiable and loving person I want to be involved in direct one-to-one healthcare provision; I am drawn by the fact that dentistry is a very dynamic profession in which new techniques and materials are being constantly created and developed; during my research, I became aware of the enormous difference that a good dentist can make, not only in providing pain relief but also in enhancing general health, improving appearances and self-esteem and in widening dietary options. I can think of a few professions that offer such a level of satisfaction.

I have a solid esthetic sense and well-developed manual talent, reflected in my piano, guitar, crafts, and art hobbies. I am interested in creating ‘3-D’ art; I have taken sculpting classes during which I learned the art of ‘mold-making’ and casting using plaster and die stone, which I can apply to dental prosthetics and restoration.

My goals are to qualify and gain experience in general dentistry and then pursue specialist studies in orthodontics and become an expert in the specialty, practicing and undertaking research and teaching. I know the enormous difference orthodontists make in patients' lives, especially the young, regarding appearance, self-esteem, and confidence.

Dental treatment is often regarded as a ‘health luxury,’ which one can safely opt out of. This widely held attitude must be overcome, especially since oral cancers require an early diagnosis to achieve positive outcomes. It is disappointing that many who require radical dental treatment seek it abroad. In my community, it is common for people to travel to Egypt or Mexico to obtain treatment. I regard this unfortunate situation as one that should be investigated, and solutions sought and implemented. I intend to provide ‘pro-bono’ care to underprivileged and marginalized populations throughout my career and do all that I can to provide preventative education to encourage the adoption of effective oral and dental hygiene regimes and regular dental appointments.

writing and editing for admission to dental school
Dental Explorer Preparation for Dental School

To prepare for the program, I have undertaken significant preparation. I feel that my studies in psychology will enable me to empathize with patients and assist me in reassuring fearful or young patients and eliciting their confidence and trust. I am undertaking the Dental Preparation courses at UXXX and the summer Dental Prep—program at XXXX University. I am also on the waitlist for UXX’s summer Dental Explorers Program. I was invited to shadow a family friend, a dentist who has encouraged and inspired me with her caring and skilled treatment. I have worked with her as a non-certified Dental Assistant, assisting the dentist and her staff during examinations, routine housekeeping, and administrative tasks, and providing patient information about effective dental hygiene regimes. Seeing grimaces of pain transformed into smiles of relief and gratitude has firmly established my dentistry choice. My interest has developed into a passion over my time in the clinic. I also volunteered to provide information about the importance of dental and oral hygiene at health fairs at my local pediatric clinic to instruct children and families. I found great satisfaction in doing so and hope to be involved in many such endeavors.

I know that dentistry requires personal characteristics and skills that are not common such as exceptional patience and empathy, the ability to inspire trust, planning skills, the ability to think creatively and originally, to cooperate toward common goals, and the enthusiasm to stay abreast of latest developments in techniques and materials. I possess these characteristics and have the potential to acquire and develop the appropriate skills to a high degree. However, my main recommendation is a genuine passion for the profession. If selected, I can assure the reader that I shall apply myself with exceptional diligence and enthusiasm to excel rather than merely succeed.

Thank you for considering my application.

Dental Explorers Program Personal Statement


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