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Endodontics Residency, Iranian International Dentist, DMD from Hungary and IDP

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

When my sister fell off her bicycle, knocking out all of her front teeth, I set my sights on becoming a dentist in the future, even though I was still a child. This would not have been possible as a member of the Baha’i faith in Iran; however, since we have long been severely persecuted, spied on, repressed, and assassinated in large numbers, with educational opportunities severely restricted, including dental school.

When I learned that members of my beautiful religion of peace, love, and caring for one’s fellow man are not allowed to enter dental school or train for most other professions, I was distressed and angered. I set about looking for ways in which I might go about overcoming this injustice. I am most grateful to America for giving me a new home, and I am very thankful to be taken in by a society that allows me to pursue my dreams. Ultimately, the severity of oppression to which we were subjected in Iran only strengthened my determination to become a dentist - so that I could devote my life to helping others achieve their own goals and dreams in the face of adversity.

Next year, 2019, I will complete my International Dentist Program at the University of Washington. I hope to proceed directly into further training in the area of my greatest passion, the specialization to which I look forward to giving my all for decades come: Endodontics. In pursuit of excellence in Endodontics, I hope to be selected to attend a rigorous, 2-year residency program, launching my career in this critical area, conservative dentistry, saving rather than uprooting, to the extent to which it is possible. Preventive followed by conservative dentistry are my guiding lights, and particularly I keenly look forward to the opportunity to prove myself in an Endodontics program. I have been dedicated to Endodontics since my dental training in Hungary. This is why, before beginning my ID Program at the University of Washington, I spent a year at the UCLA Dental School in Los Angeles, CA completing my Advanced Clinical Training in Endodontics (2017-2018). This program was incredibly marvelous as it provided me with many opportunities for direct contact with patients using the most advanced methods in the field. At UW, I serve as the President of our Endodontic Study Club.

Earning my DMD in Budapest, Hungary (2006-2012) had its challenges: adapting to a new culture and overcoming language barriers. Those were some of the best years, especially enjoying the multicultural community. Dental School in Hungary gave me a sense of community I never felt growing up in Iran. I most enjoyed working with and learning from enthusiastic peers and professors. I hope to once again contribute to such a community and expand my research capacities in the area of Endodontics. I served as a dental assistant in the USA for several years, helping me become fully amalgamated to American dentistry, working at XXXX Dental in Aurora, Colorado (2013 – 2017). I assisted with patient care, office work, and laboratory. duties.

As a Persian, Hungarian, and English speaker, I have also worked as a translator for a physician’s office in Aurora, Colorado. My volunteer work mainly speaks to my long-term interest in working with patients in an Endodontic setting, serving as a screener for a local Pediatric Dentistry clinic. One 12-year-old girl, after discovering that she had several cavities, asked several questions about her treatment options and the equipment in the office. After the appointment, she confessed that she harbors a dream of someday becoming a dentist. This brought me back to the feeling that I had myself at about that same tender age when I lent a hand to help the children of impoverished families in Iran. Encounters like these with young patients in Colorado and Iran re-enliven my determination to honor the sacrifices I have made in the past by pursuing a career in Endodontics in America – to the fullest extent of my capacity to do so. I find intense, sustained joy in Endo.

Amazingly, my sister Mahan’s lovely smile shone again six months after her accident. However, without the help of a high-quality and dedicated dentist, she would never have regained the smile that gave her so much comfort and confidence. Ironically, this unfortunate accident may have inspired my decision to pursue dentistry, leave our home in Iran, and seek my education abroad. As the result of an enormous amount of hard work - with Endodontics always the light at the end of my tunnel – I will hopefully achieve my foremost dream of becoming a practicing Endodontist in the United States.

Thank you for considering my application to your distinguished residency program in Endodontics.

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