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Foreign Trained Dentist Research Assistant India

Dentist Research Assistant India
Foreign Trained Dentist Research Assistant India

My childhood inquisitiveness was legendary within my family. I was curious about everything and conversations with my parents often began with a ‘why’, prompting yet another smiling sigh but I would persist. When my toothless grandmother came home one day with a mouth full of teeth, I was astonished and delighted, as was she. Her dentures were a wonder to me, and I noted how she became much readier to smile and was happier to socialize. This was my first major inspiration to pursue dentistry because I immediately recognized how important dental appearance is to a person’s confidence and happiness. I was also extremely fortunate to have an aunt who was a dentist and so I was able to discover much about my intended vocation while still young


My natural curiosity ‘paid dividends’ at school, I was ‘hungry’ for information, especially in the study of science in which I excelled. I studied Life Sciences as my major and gained admission, by competitive examination, to the prestigious Sibar Institution of Dental Sciences in India to pursue the BDS degree, which I was awarded in 2011.  I thoroughly enjoyed the program in which I excelled. I was provided with an excellent and comprehensive dental education. During my internship, I was exposed to many kinds of problems which I treated under the guidance of dedicated, knowledgeable, and skilled dentists. There was an emphasis on diagnosis, and we were presented with some complex cases to diagnose and provide an appropriate treatment plan. Seeing grimaces of pain turn into smiles of relief was a source of boundless joy and thoroughly confirmed my choice of career. I am also extremely excited to be in a field in which so many advances in materials and techniques occur so frequently and I hope to play my part in assisting in future advances.

Dentist Research Assistant India
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I took every opportunity, when studying, to engage in community events and oral health education programs which are vital in a society in which dental and oral health are often not a priority. There were specific problems arising from the wide use of ‘chewing tobacco’ and I became extremely interested in finding ways to provide effective preventative dental education which I hope to pursue further in the future both in the US and in India.

Having gained my degree, I took up a position as assistant dental surgeon in the dental clinic of a highly skilled and experienced professional. I worked with Dr. Babu for 12 months during which time my dental education gained breadth and depth and my skills were enhanced.

In 2012, I married and moved to the US. I immediately sought opportunities to educate myself in the way that dentistry is practiced in the US. This exposure began with a 160-hour observership in a practice in Nashua, NH. I became familiar with the latest treatments, materials and techniques and this experience was supplemented by further observership after which I was offered the opportunity to serve as a volunteer dental assistant. This practical, local experience was extremely useful, and I now consider myself quite well versed in the way that dentistry is practiced here.

Dentist Research Assistant India
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My volunteer work is not limited to dental related activities. I am a volunteer with ‘Catch Healthy Habits’, an organization that encourages healthy eating and physical activity in children. I also act as a volunteer messenger and escort at Southern New Hampshire Medical Center as well as helping out at a local food shelter. I enjoy feeling useful and having opportunities to meet people from many ethnic and social backgrounds. I love to learn about other people’s cultures and lives and share information about my own.

I am currently pursuing a master's degree in public health with a focus on Epidemiology and Biostatistics and expect to graduate in December 2016. I hope that my knowledge and expertise in these subjects might be applied in appropriate research projects during the program. I already have some research experience gained as an assistant to Dr. XXXX who is Research Associate Professor, XXXX University XXXX School of Dental Medicine.

To summarize, I have proven myself to be an academically able, hard-working, and committed student and professional in my life to date. I have research experience and am acquiring relevant skills and knowledge in my study of Public Health. I am confident that my background and personal characteristics will enable me to ‘add value’ to the program and to excel, rather than merely succeed, within it. I can assure the reader of highly enthusiastic, intelligent, and diligent participation, if selected.

Thank you for considering my application.

Foreign Trained Dentist Research Assistant India


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