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Prosthodontics Residency Maxillofacial Prosthesis

Updated: Jan 26

Possessing a solid esthetic sense and being extremely interested in science, dentistry was a natural choice, just as Prosthodontics is my chosen specialty. It did seem to be a suitable career. By the end of my first experience working as a volunteer in a ‘dental camp’ among the underprivileged in rural India, I knew that I had made the right career direction. Seeing grimaces of pain transformed into smiles of relief and gratitude turned a career choice into a vocation. I began to understand just how vital the skills and knowledge I was acquiring were; my decision is one I have never regretted, and I feel privileged to be a dental practitioner. I now seek to achieve the highest level of skills and knowledge in my chosen specialty, share it by teaching, and assist in Prosthodontics' exciting and constant advancement by developing new techniques and materials based on innovative research.

Prosthodontics is my specialty of choice because of the aesthetic aspects of the work and the need to apply creative and original thinking in dealing with patient needs. I also enjoy patient contact and can elicit the confidence and cooperation of my patients. Improving their appearance, widening their dietary choices, and enabling clear communication in patients provide opportunities to enhance and sometimes transform lives and provide professional satisfaction that I believe can be matched in only a few other professions.

By constantly improving my academic performance, my involvement in research projects, published papers, and presentations at national and international conferences will prove my strong work ethic and determination to excel in all my endeavors.

I am currently undertaking a preceptorship in Advanced Prosthodontics at UCXX to prepare for the program. I always stressed to my students the importance of maintaining supporting structures and was happy to learn that the staff at UCLA emphasizes the same priority. I believe this training will provide a firm foundation for my studies within the program, which has been a highly positive and helpful experience and introduction to the dental environment in the US.

I have worked as a lecturer in Prosthodontics at the prestigious Manipal College of Dental Sciences. Apart from experiencing the joy of passing on knowledge and skills, I expanded my clinical experience by dealing with complete and partial denture cases and post-endodontic crown preparations. I also fixed dental prostheses and did so daily. I also took every opportunity to observe implant surgeries and assist with maxillofacial prosthetic issues. I have acquired considerable experience in observing, diagnosing, and formulating effective and efficient treatment plans. I also gained experience in liaising and cooperating with members of other departments in cases calling for interdisciplinary expertise. Apart from skills, knowledge, and experience, I understand that empathy is a vital ‘ingredient’ in the specialty and cannot be taught or measured. This specialty is critical to see patients as individuals rather than a set of case notes and images and deal with them patiently and sympathetically. I always seek to do so and put the patient first.

I am aware that research calls for unique characteristics and skills. There is considerable overlap in those called for in an excellent prosthodontic specialist and an influential researcher. Among these are analytical skills, meticulous planning, determination, creative and original thinking, and the ability to cooperate to achieve common goals. I regard myself as having the potential to become an influential researcher. I look forward to the opportunity to contribute, especially in the biomaterial sciences, especially biomaterials in maxillofacial prosthodontics, where I detect some potential for improvements.

I aim to achieve as much in the specialty as my considerable potential will permit and hope to pursue a Ph.D. and to sub-specialize in maxillofacial prosthodontics. I have much to learn to achieve my goals, but I am determined to do so. My preceptorship at UCLA introduced me to the teaching environment and awe-inspiring facilities. I also met the UCLA maxillofacial prosthetics team at the Foundation for Oral-Facial Rehabilitation Outreach program and was incredibly impressed with their passion and expertise. I intend to be a world-class specialist practitioner, researcher, and teacher, and I see the program as the next step in realizing my ambitious goals.

I am a friendly, outgoing person who gets on quickly with others. I enjoy learning about other cultures and sharing knowledge of my heritage. Apart from the time that I have spent in the US, I lived in Kuwait for several years of school. I am fully fluent in English and various Indian and other Asian languages. I have always undertaken extra-curricular activities such as editorship of student magazines and competitive sports such as throwing the ball, table tennis, and athletics. These activities have given me experience in effective team building and leading and providing recreation and relaxation, essential elements of being a well-rounded prosthodontist.

Prosthodontics Residency Maxillofacial Prosthesis


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