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International Dentist Applicant with MPH

Updated: Jan 31

Born into a family of civil servants in India, I have been groomed from early childhood to serve the community, nation, and humanity. My early education prepared me well for the rigors of higher education since I attended schools of the highest rank – especially in Math and Science – with solid discipline and organization. I consistently ranked among the top three performers in my class, especially in science. In addition, my hands are naturally gifted; while still a child, my drawings were published in the local newspaper several times. I also began noticing the importance of dental care during my childhood when I saw that the mouths of most of the people in my community were clearly in terrible condition, many with brown-colored teeth from chewing smokeless tobacco products. I later realized that tobacco use could lead to cancer and death, but most people who used it were unaware. This situation was prevalent all over India, not just in my community.

Growing up in a country where oral pharyngeal cancer rates are very high, even among women, I came to feel called to dentistry in response to the extensive misery I saw around me daily. Following my strong performance at XXXX High School, I entered the Government Dental College and Hospital in XXXX. I received extensive education and training in dentistry's preclinical and clinical aspects and distinguished myself as a student. My yearlong practicum experience included hands-on experience in a government clinic where people came from miles around for free treatment. I attended to dozens of patients daily, giving me a keen sense of pride and self-satisfaction. I found myself further motivated to make helping the underserved a permanent cornerstone aspect of my philosophy of dental care. I volunteered much of my time working with community-based dental camps during and after dental school. I worked for several months in a private clinic, which also helped hone my skills, and I learned a great deal about many of the challenges of running a successful office that will help me no matter what setting I work in.

The center of my world has long been public/community-focused oral health, leading me to begin studying for the Master of Public Health (MPH) at the University of XXXX Health Science Center. The knowledge and experience I gained in this program have taught me the public health practices that will enable me to reach deep into the population and render my dental services to the most vulnerable. While at XXXX, I have enjoyed volunteering with the pediatric mobile clinic by doing oral health screenings and checkups with other dentists.

I have observed and assisted Dr. XXXX DDS here in XXXX, Texas, as I have been able over several months. I continue to become increasingly enlightened concerning state-of-the-art dental practice here by he and several other dentists who take the time to steer me in the right direction. I am incredibly excited about continuing to learn advanced techniques and mastering the latest technological opportunities. Along with my passion for staying abreast of the literature concerning all new things in dentistry, my teachers and colleagues have also complimented me on my manual dexterity and communication skills, close attention to detail, and my endless desire to learn - combined with patience, empathy and a great need to be of service to the underserved in particular.

Upon receiving a Doctorate in Dental Surgery (DDS), I will be able to provide a level of care that is virtually unsurpassed in quality, based in part on the experience that I already have, in addition to the training that I will receive in your program, which will be joined to my hard work, consistent effort, courage, and patient determination. Earning the DDS will enable me to follow my heart and further contribute as much of my life as possible to the oral health care of those most in need.

 After graduation, I would like to work in a community clinic, perhaps as a dentist with an NGO abroad or a government institution. My long-term dream is to return to India and utilize the experience I gained in the U.S. by providing dental services and public health initiatives, contributing my best to make a difference in the country with some of the highest oral cancer rates in the world.

I look forward to getting admitted into your program and living my dream in public health dentistry.

International Dentist Applicant with MPH


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