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Indian Pediatric Dentistry Residency Craniofacial Team

Updated: Jan 20

I keenly hope for and look forward to an opportunity for advanced training in Pediatric Dentistry in the society where it is most developed, the educational experience of the highest order, the USA. Since 2015, I have been visiting the U.S. in preparation for application to your program to pursue my professional dreams in Pediatric Dentistry in America while I leave others to manage my private practice back home in India. It would be a great honor for me to be selected for your distinguished and competitive program.

Having experienced a full range of emotions from a childhood injury that resulted in tooth loss, teasing, and restoration, I developed a fascination with dental medicine. Raised in a small town by a family of doctors, I was naturally inclined toward curing and alleviating discomfort and illness. And thanks to an interest in science, my childhood dental experience paved the way for further career exploration of oral healthcare in high school. At this time, I began shadowing a dentist who further shaped my ambition to become a dentist and my vision to help patients in pain and those seeking a long-lost smile.

After securing a national scholarship in high school, I excelled in dental school as the top student in my class. I organized several free dental camps independently. I also learned how misconceptions fueled fear and pain, and the lack of oral hygiene awareness impacted prevention and initial treatment efforts. My captaincy of my college basketball team also cultivated my teamwork and motivational skills.

In dental school, I worked on various research projects and publications. To better understand caries removal methods, I prepared my thesis to compare the efficacy of chemo mechanical caries removal with conventional methods. After graduating as a gold medalist with a 4.0 GPA, I knew my journey of restoring young smiles had just begun. And today, after more than six years of my pediatric practice, treating kids and putting a smile on their faces has become an indispensable part of my daily life.

In the U.S., I observed Dr. XXXX, DMD, in California and recently shadowed Dr. Hollander, DDS, MS, in his pediatric dental practice in Missouri. These experiences helped me broaden my understanding of private dental care in the U.S. and exposed me to patients with diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds and how they approach their oral health needs. After volunteering at Giving Kids a Smile in Missouri (October 2018), I have increasingly learned a great deal about the role of NGOs on the front lines of global dentistry, particularly in the USA and my home country India. I am busy with various volunteer activities, all related to dentistry and most to children. Even in my spare time, I find myself reading widely about children's oral health issues and issues and, in underserved communities, strategies for facing and overcoming financial limitations.

Another essential aspect of my professional identity is the fact that I have been an active member of the Asia Pacific Dental Federation for the last 12 years, since my last year of dental school in India, developing resources for dental education, recommending policies and programs for the promotion of dental health initiatives as well as organizing and helping to run oral health and dental awareness/basic treatment camps. I served as a member of the editorial board of Pediatric Dentistry for two years, and I still serve as an assistant editor of their official journal, “Asia Pacific Dental Journal.” I have also helped to conduct various CE courses and workshops.

My principal areas of research interest are preventing dental caries in children, bacterial-fungal interaction within biofilms responsible for extreme tooth decay, and stem cells. My central focus is providing preventive oral health care to children from underserved families. Along with my colleague, I look forward to organizing educational programs in preventative oral health for many decades. I practiced as a pediatric dentist in India while teaching mentored research and continued volunteering in the community.

When I came to America, I volunteered much time for the oral health of special needs children. Special needs children, with their vast range of symptoms and challenges, are the epiphany of Pediatric Dentistry and the cause I will assume for my future if allowed to complete your program and give my all to those who need me most.

I have treated various pediatric clinical cases and surgical, endodontic, and pediatric emergencies; I was part of a craniofacial team and helped treat orthodontic patients. I have substantial experience in every aspect of Pediatric Dentistry. This will help me hit the ground running in your program and distinguish myself as a top-tier student.

Thank you for considering my application.

Indian Pediatric Dentistry Residency Craniofacial Team


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