International Dentist from Mosul, Iraq, Escape from ISIS

Updated: Nov 20

I hope to be selected for your distinguished DDS Program for International Dentists because I am a dentist from Iraq who has shown a great deal of dedication to dentistry under difficult circumstances, particularly in the area of Orthodontics.  My father was a distinguished professor and a member of the university senate in our city, Mosul, and I hoped to follow in his footsteps and to also become a distinguished academic in Iraq. But, ISIS conquered our entire province as well as our city and they have stayed until today.

ISIS was actively hunting my father so he was lucky to escape, we all were. My parents are in Turkey and my two sisters are seeking political asylum in Germany. My brother, his wife and two children are in Iran. I chose America for two reasons, first and foremost the chance of earning the DDS Degree at the center of cutting-edge dentistry. Second, I worked for the US Armed Forces in Iraq which was a very dangerous job. My permanent residency in America is in part pay back for risking my life. I am most grateful to the USA.

Earning the DDS Degree in America will qualify me to practice and/or teach anywhere in the world. I love the USA and I want to fully establish myself here in the future as an orthodontist. A hard worker with great optimism and drive and fully dedicated to lifelong education, I have my sights set on many more years of study, continuing after earning my DDS Degree in the area of Orthodontics, an area in which I have already earned a doctoral degree in Turkey. First, upon arrival in the USA, I studied through the 6th Level in English as a Second Language in flying colors at the English Language Institute at the University of Houston/Downtown (September, 2014-April, 2015).

Finishing dental school in our native Mosul had me in high hopes for doing great things towards the improvement of the oral health of our popular masses of people in our city, Iraq’s second city. Practicing in Iraq for the next two years left me hungry to learn new things, however, and I left for our neighbor Turkey. First, I spent a year learning the Turkish language. Next, I earned my doctoral degree in Orthodontics in August of 2014. My areas of principal expertise include functional and especially camouflage as well as multi-display Orthodontics.

Orthodontics had always been my choice of postgraduate study, but it wasn't available in Iraq. The transition from maxillofacial surgeon to orthodontist helped me to broaden my horizons and to think about dentistry in interdisciplinary ways. I participated in many scientific conferences and completed courses in numerous areas including skeletal anchorage and mini-implant, Botox and facial filler, and Orthognathic Orthodontics.

Working as a technician at one of the biggest orthodontics labs in Houston helped me to acclimate to my new high-tech surroundings. I also learned a great deal about the orthodontics marketplace in Houston. Frankly, I think the amount of money spent on Orthodontics in America is quite impressive. As military forces from several countries encircle my city, Mosul, making preparations for a siege that is anticipated to last a full year, I cannot help but think about my neighbors that were unable to escape, the hundreds of thousands of people trapped inside under ISIS control, children, little boys and girls who are already traumatized. Perhaps if I could become a successful Orthodontist in America I could at least fund a clinic back home in Mosul to help as many of them as possible to smile again, someday, in a new Mosul that is free, born from the ashes of the past.

I thank you for considering my application.

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