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International Dentist Program Brazilian, Underserved

Updated: Jan 19

As a young child growing up in a low-income household in my native country of Brazil, I quickly learned about the financial struggles and personal difficulties that poor families often face when dealing with unexpected medical expenses. Parents are sometimes forced to choose between paying rent, putting food on the table, or paying for such unforeseen expenses. I was ten years old when I noticed my own family dealing with this difficult decision, as my grandmother needed extensive dental treatment to correct the severe damage caused by advanced periodontitis disease. Unfortunately, my family did not have the financial means to afford the required treatment. This hardship drastically prolonged my grandmother’s dental condition and physical and mental suffering.

Watching my grandmother’s dental problem go untreated for so long profoundly impacted my decision to pursue a career in dentistry. I was only ten years old at that time. Still, I knew exactly what I wanted to do when I grew up: a compassionate dentist helping patients from all walks of life with a special effort to help the members of underserved communities who constantly face the same struggles that my family experienced.

Since that young age, I have remained focused and committed to my career goals and aspirations. Several years later, I felt even more passionate about my chosen profession as I completed a dentistry undergraduate degree program at the FAESA University in my hometown of Vitória, Brazil. I also completed a post-graduate degree in implantology/surgery at the Unigranrio University in Rio de Brazil (Universidade Unigranrio). Soon after that, in 2007, I became a fully licensed dentist in Brazil. I practiced my profession for 10+ years while always remembering the initial motive that sparked my interest and passion for dentistry; to help, with the utmost compassion, the patient population in disadvantaged communities.

Over the years, I have utilized my educational background, progressive work experience, and my strong commitment to quality work - as well as my unrelenting passion for dentistry to restore the smiles of thousands of patients who, just like my grandmother, did not have the financial means to afford dental healthcare. As an empathetic dentist, I also understand that having a good and healthy smile can increase people’s self-esteem and confidence. For this reason, I find my profession highly rewarding. I am happy also to mention that I have become the “family” dentist for my grandmother and everyone else in my family. This is also something I find fulfilling as I still remember those difficult days when my family could not afford immediate dental healthcare for my grandmother.

A permanent resident of the United States of America, I am enthusiastically pursuing further education and training in dentistry to become eligible for licensure through the State Board Examination process. I consider myself a well-qualified applicant who is experienced, determined, driven, deeply committed, and passionate about my chosen profession. As I pursue the opportunity to continue my career in this exciting field here in my newly adopted country, I plan to be one of the best students in your academic program. Upon program completion, I plan to represent your educational institution with great pride and honor by continuing to provide the best patient experience possible while restoring smiles for patients from all socio-economic backgrounds, especially those from underserved communities. The field of dentistry is my purpose and mission in life, and I would be immensely grateful for acceptance into your prestigious academic program for international dentists.


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