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MS Oral Sciences Public Oral Health Clinical Dentistry

Updated: Jan 20

The MS Program in Oral Sciences at XXXX University is my first choice for additional advanced study in dentistry. I profoundly respect your program's long and distinguished history and the impressive trajectories of your graduates, bolstering my conviction that no other program offers such a thoroughgoing and exhaustive foundation for applying interdisciplinary perspectives in oral biology to the practice of clinical dentistry.

I am the best fit for your program because I have laboratory experience and want to become a leading oral biologist and a community leader working to advance public oral health. Deeply involved in progressive movements dedicated to improving oral health care through advancement in our laboratories and research initiatives, I keep a vigilant eye on the most critical issues of our day in oral health. I am also especially drawn to the program at XXXX because of my long-term interest in bone regeneration, particularly my admiration for related research by Drs. XXXX and XXXX. As a long-term career goal, I wish to someday teach at the college or university level and give my all to academic research.

Since the age of nine, I have wanted to become an oral surgeon, reflecting on the rest of my life as I lay around recovering from getting kicked in the mouth playing football. My oral surgeon was the closest I came to meeting a real-life hero. He loomed exceptionally large, like a superhero, and I was smitten with the heroic nature of what he accomplished. From that time forward, I have struggled to become the finest dentist possible. I was accepted into one of the best dental schools in Northern India, and my journey into this beautiful world of dentistry began. During my clinical posting in the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery department, I got an opportunity to observe patients receiving dental implants closely. I became especially fascinated with the biomechanical and biological aspects that contribute to the successful adaptation of implants to the alveolar process.

During my internship following my graduation from dental school in India, I was allowed to present a poster on salivary pacemakers and the concept of neuroelectric stimulation of salivary glands to promote secretion – of enormous potential benefit to xerostomia patients. I studied many of the fundamentals of anatomy, physiology, and the functioning of salivary glands and their secretions - and this will help me hit the ground running at XXXX. The more I learn about oral sciences, the more I realize how much I love learning, feeding an addiction I intend to cultivate assiduously for the rest of my life.

Thank you for considering my application to the MS in Oral Sciences at XXXX.

MS Oral Sciences Public Oral Health Clinical Dentistry


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