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MSD Orthodontics Personal Statement

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MSD Orthodontics Personal Statement Masters Examples

I am a young woman from India who is very mature for someone twenty-six. I have always been profoundly serious, and a tremendously hard worker. My grandfather and grandmother are also dentists and I lived with them my whole life until I got married to an American veterinarian and moved to the USA. I am a dentist in India, but I realize that I am still a long way from becoming a dentist here in America, but I want very much to become a practicing Orthodontist. We now live in Indiana. But we want to move to XXXX if I am accepted to your program. After completing your program, we are planning to settle in Seattle, Washington. What is most important to me is that I be on an equal professional footing with my husband one of these days in the not-too-distant future. I want to make at least as much money as he does, and I want to have a title that is equally well respected. I think that this will be particularly good for my marriage. I also think that a healthy, balanced marriage can help one to become a great professional and excel in one's field.

MSD Orthodontics Personal Statement Samples
MSD Orthodontics Personal Statement Examples

My first choice for graduate study is the MSD Program at the University of XXXX because, after an exhaustive analysis, I feel extremely convinced that it is this professional degree which will best prepare me for making the greatest contribution that I possibly can to my newly adopted country, and I also feel strongly that the University of XXXX is the best program in the country. This degree will also better prepare me to go back to India some day when I am older, for volunteer efforts, perhaps after we have grown children who no longer need me all the time. Nothing would bring me greater joy than to help to develop dental care institutions in my native country for people with few economic resources.

Obtaining the MSD Degree at the University of XXXX will enable me to make the fullest contribution possible to my society, here in the USA, in my native India, and the world. I am a global citizen with cosmopolitan, diverse interests, and a humanitarian soul. I would be so very honored if I were to be accepted to your program and have the beautiful opportunity of contributing to the diversity of the academic community as an Indian woman. Since English is a national language in India, I have little to no communication hurdles with Americans. I especially look forward to working with patients from a broad variety of social classes and ethnic backgrounds. I live to make people smile; this is why I have decided to dedicate my entire professional life to Orthodontics.

I am also an excellent candidate for your program because of my extensive volunteer experience. I volunteered as a 3rd and 4th year student working in rural parts of my state (Punjab) under the supervision of dental faculty, raising awareness regarding oral hygiene, proper techniques for brushing one's teeth and we used visual aids like posters, written material, and slide shows. In addition to my volunteer work, I also worked as an Associate Dentist for a year-and-a half in India. I am especially good at root canal treatments, preparing dentures, tooth extraction, and local, oral anesthesia.

Thank you from the bottom of my big heart for your consideration of my application.

MSD Orthodontics Personal Statement


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