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Orthodontics Residency Personal Statement

Updated: Jan 22

An accomplished and experienced dentist from Romania, I look forward to being selected for a program in Western Europe where I will receive advanced training in Orthodontics, preparing myself for a professional lifetime of practice in this area, my chosen area of specialization in dentistry.

My father is my foremost role model in life; a dentist, he is someone who believes firmly in giving his all to his patients and the community, and I have been groomed since childhood to follow him, which I see as a great honor. I have worked with him in his clinic for the past several years, and I have learned much from my father and dental school about all aspects of general dentistry. For some time now, I have felt a growing desire to seek further specialization in Orthodontics. The aesthetic side of dentistry appeals to me on many levels, from the sheer appreciation of the beauty of the human smile to the mechanics of corrective and restorative processes. Thus, I hope to be selected for your distinguished program in Orthodontics at XXXX University to have the opportunity to give my all to Orthodontics and excel in your program due to my sheer devotion to my work and my keen desire to advance professionally.

The greatest strength of my application for an advanced training program is my familiarity with dentistry. My father practiced dentistry in a clinic that was part of our home. Distant family members, friends, and patients were indistinguishable to me initially; later, I learned how to be helpful in small ways, ask the right questions, console, and even distract, which can be priceless for an anxious patient awaiting oral surgery. I understood early on the specific needs of each unique patient, particular challenges, etc. I especially relished seeing people leave with happy faces after arriving in agony. As a little girl inclined to adore my father, I saw my dad early on as somewhere between Jesus and Superman.

I have traveled widely and have always loved languages; thus, I have learned a great deal of French, and my Spanish is also improving rapidly. In both languages, I focus my practice on vocabulary that is most immediately relevant for the preparation of dentistry, which I look forward to practicing as a multilingual dentist. In addition to Sri Lanka, I have learned much about Europe. I finished dental school at one of the finest institutions in Romania. My recent full-time experience working as a dentist alongside my father has made my confidence level as high as my motivation. Currently, I spend three days a week in my father’s clinic and two days a week in support of a local Orthodontist, primarily serving as a Dental Hygienist. There, I am learning a great deal about Orthodontics which will prepare me to hit the ground running and excel in your program.

I see my love for physics and the applicability of theories of force and motion that finally made Orthodontics an irresistible choice for my area of specialization – on top of the fact that I appreciate nothing more than a beautiful smile. In high school, I was noted for excelling in Science and Mathematics. I moved to the top of my game early at everything, with English and the computer. I became especially fascinated by Physics and continue to read about advances in this area, particularly concerning the applicability of forces in specific directions, which is foundational for Orthodontics. I participated in our “Olympics” in Astronomy and Physics and was awarded public speaking and astronomy prizes. I also studied piano intensively for six years.

Volunteer work will always be close to my heart. I have done as much as my circumstances have allowed, in a small village near my hometown, doing oral hygiene, screenings, and performing basic dental procedures for poor children who otherwise would not see a dentist. I also participated in public health and nutrition initiatives in Bucharest, attending elementary schools, helping to develop the materials we used, etc.

I hope to have the privilege of demonstrating my abilities in 3D imaging and my advanced understanding and capacity to apply forces to jawbones. Nothing brings me greater satisfaction than correcting malocclusions and thus preventing a whole host of disorders that might otherwise arise.

Thank you for considering my application to your competitive program in Orthodontics at XXXX.

Orthodontics Residency Personal Statement


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