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Orthodontics Residency Personal Statement Writing Help, Free Sample, Saudi Arabian

Updated: Feb 3

I excelled academically at school, graduating first in my class with a GPA of 99.7%. Consequently, many career paths were open to me. However, I had decided as a child that I would become a dentist and an orthodontist. My choice arose because I had benefitted from the skills of an excellent orthodontist and knew that his skills and knowledge had transformed my self-esteem and image, so I became determined to do the same for others. I have never regretted my decision to pursue dentistry. I now seek to acquire the specialist skills and knowledge to enable me to treat the most complex cases, undertake meaningful research, and pass on my skills and passion to others.

I graduated from dental school with a 1st Honor degree and was ranked second in my class. During my internship, I decided to try several different specialties; I learned much and greatly enjoyed this exposure. I was confirmed in my original choice of orthodontics. I am aware that this specialty is not for everyone. It calls for a wide range of uncommon skills and characteristics, such as a solid esthetic sense and the practical and creative skills to enable an envisioned outcome to become a reality. I am intrigued by the fascinating and rapid advances in techniques and materials in the specialty, and I hope to play my part in future innovation. I am aware that this often requires creating and maintaining long-term relationships with patients and calls for the ability to quickly gain their confidence and trust, together with an ability to explain complex treatments in simple terms.

Having qualified, I was offered a post as a Demonstrator in the Department of Orthodontics at the Faculty of Dentistry of XXXX University, which, I believe, demonstrates my superiors’ confidence in my ability and potential. The work has enabled me to complement my post-graduate education in the specialty and assist in research and the teaching process, which I have greatly enjoyed.

It is clear to me that the skills and characteristics of a good orthodontist overlap considerably with those of a good researcher; among these are the ability to plan effectively, to set challenging but realistic goals, to think creatively and originally, and to co-operate happily with others to achieve a common goal. I believe that I possess these skills and characteristics. I am very keen to extend my research experience and am particularly interested in assisting in research related to the treatment of patients with craniofacial syndromes such as cleft lip and palate and into new treatments, techniques and materials, and new aligners and hope that the opportunity do so will arise within the program.

I have lived, studied, and worked only in Saudi Arabia but have traveled as a tourist in Europe and the Middle East. I enjoy being exposed to new cultures and sharing insights into my rich heritage. I am aware that health provision calls for cultural awareness and sensitivity to ensure that positive relationships with colleagues and patients are created. I am a friendly, outgoing person who enjoys working as a team member and leading a team when called upon.

I am particularly attracted to the program because of its prestigious history in teaching the specialty, the faculty's renown, and the high professional regard its graduates command. If selected, I shall seek to add value to the program and apply myself with my customary diligence and enthusiasm.

I have an excellent academic record; I have some research experience; I believe that I possess the characteristics, skills, and interests which will enable me to add considerable value to the program and that I have the potential to become a highly skilled and effective specialist. However, my main recommendation is a genuine passion for the specialty and a strong desire to acquire, develop and apply high-level specialist skills and knowledge for the benefit of many.

Thank you for considering my application.

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