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Orthodontics Residency Syrian in Detroit

Orthodontics  Masters
Orthodontics Residency Masters Personal Statement Samples, Editing Service

I grew up in Damascus, Syria but I have been practicing general dentistry here in America since I earned my DMD Degree at the University of XXXX in 1998. Following a general practice residency at the University of XXXX from July of 1998 through June of 1999, I completed a fellowship position in implant dentistry at XXXX University. Since then, I have been practicing general dentistry in the Detroit Metro Area. Increasingly, especially over the course of the last several years, I have found myself increasingly fascinated and engaged by orthodontics. Thus, I am writing to you on behalf of my application since I seek innovative training in Orthodontics.

Little by little, I began incorporating orthodontic treatment planning into my dentistry practice in Detroit, ranging from simple cases of "smile enhancement" to severe skeletal deficiency. This soon opened for me new windows into non-invasive, non-aggressive approaches, what orthodontics is all about and what I have come to love most about dentistry. This led me to allocate one day a week volunteering, observing, and following up on cases from start to finish, in collaboration with our in-house orthodontist. The sense of accomplishment that accompanied seeing the results was for me the central driving force that has convinced me to give my all to orthodontics for the balance of my career.  

I have fallen in love with Orthodontics because it is a conservative way to achieve beautiful smiles, no drilling, no damage, only construction. I see orthodontists as architects and engineers, building dental arches that are limited only by the imagination in the beauty that they might be able to achieve and continue to inspire. The clinical experiences that I have sought out over the past four years have all strengthened my dedication to the goal of completing graduate training in orthodontics. I am confident that my diverse academic background coupled with the versatility that comes from working in widely varied settings with highly limited resources, will enable and inspire me to prove myself to be a great asset to your team.

Orthodontics  Masters
Orthodontics Residency Masters Statement Examples, Editing and Enhancement

Having succeeded in the pursuit of my DMD as one of the top students in my class both clinically and didactically, I immediately set about in search of broadening my horizons in dental medicine. I have long been especially attracted to the multifaceted and dynamic collaboration of specialties that one finds in Orthodontics—always working towards a better understanding of the biomechanics of maxillofacial complexion and the proper treatment of various malfunctions.

Orthodontics  Masters
Orthodontics Residency Masters Statement Sample, Help, Examples

My experience in the General Practice Residency (GPR) was the catalyst that motivated me to aggressively pursue deeper knowledge of dental specialties. Completing elective courses in basic sciences crystallized my comprehension of the growth and development processes of the maxillofacial region. While completing my fellowship at Southern Illinois University in Implantology, I continued to further my understanding of multi-specialty approaches to dentofacial malformations.

Working alongside orthodontists with severe cases--ranging from cleft lip and palate to congenital absence of lateral incisors—enabled me to better understand orthodontics and appreciate the systematic nature of orthodontic treatment. I started practicing in the Detroit Metro Area as a general practitioner after completing my fellowship in Illinois, working since then in group multi-specialty centers, gaining additional hands-on experience and advancing my interest in and dedication to Orthodontics through continuing education seminars and attending lectures. It would be an honor to be granted an interview and I thank you for considering my application.

Orthodontics Residency Syrian in Detroit


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