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Pediatric Dentistry Residency Sample

Updated: Jan 24

I have been aware that my ultimate professional destination in life is to build a career in Pediatric Dentistry since I was a teenager, becoming the finest pediatric dentist possible due to lifelong education. Thus, I hope to be selected for your distinguished residency program in Pediatric Dentistry. My journey to Pediatric Dentistry began early in life, in India, where I was born and raised. My particular interest in children, as well as dentistry, was also cultivated over a prolonged period through my involvement in a host of social service projects devoted to the well-being of children. I learned the fine art of patience and its particular importance and implications for working with children; how to talk to them on their level, calm them, soothe them, and gain their confidence.

I keenly look forward to a lifetime of service to my community and becoming a pediatric dentist noted for service to the underserved as much as time and circumstances allow, eventually back home in India and the USA. I anticipate continuing to network in Pediatric Dentistry, studying, and contributing to the labors of non-profit organizations that provide free service to underserved populations focusing on children and young people. My grandfather, a critical role model for me, always wanted to see me as a doctor or dentist and encouraged me from early on that I had enormous potential for helping the less fortunate among us, those with special needs and few resources. My parents and husband are my primary support for accomplishing my professional dreams. Eventually, I hope to start my clinic.

Central to my long-term plans is research involving my pediatric patients, focusing on underserved and at-risk children. An inherently calm individual, my soothing nature provides me with unique opportunities for excellence in pediatric dentistry. A pleasant smile, soft talk, and relaxation are crucial for the patient, and the parents are vital to achieving the best outcomes. Thus, I always focus on the dentist-patient-parent relationship.

After finishing dental school in India, I went on to earn my Master of Biomedical Sciences. I anticipate completing my DMD program for international dentists at Rutgers University in 2019. I have learned a great deal in dental school so far. I have already been developing a focus on community-based dentistry emphasizing oral health education for parents and their children.

Before coming to the USA for my DMD program, I worked in a private clinic with patients needing oral prophylaxis, temporary and permanent restorations, complete and partial dentures, extractions, and esthetic and root canal treatments. I was also responsible for clinic management, sterilization of instruments, inventory of dental materials, patient care, and handling their appointment scheduling.

I feel most fortunate to have been born into a family where educating a girl child is no longer considered a burden. Sadly, this remains the case among many Indian families. I am also thankful that I pursued my education in various parts of our highly diverse and pluralistic society, laying a solid foundation for my keen appreciation of diversity and multilingualism. Our family dentist, Dr. XXXX is another essential role model for me and important to the goals I formed early on. I understood the boundless joy of enhancing the patients’ smiles in his clinic.

By securing an exceptionally high rank on a competitive entrance exam, I received a merit seat at Rajarajeswari Dental College & Hospital. The dental school enhanced my elevated level of motivation and manual skills. One incredibly proud moment for me came when, as an integral part of the Dental Anatomy course, we were asked to carve the replica of various teeth with various anatomical landmarks for each tooth. After spending long, tormenting hours of practice at school and home, I was most proud of my accomplishment, which proved an excellent investment in my future. Later during my internship in Pediatric dentistry, the models I carved of children’s primary teeth were displayed and used for educational purposes.

I look forward to a long professional lifetime practicing independently, exercising great creativity in my daily work, and, at the same time, practicing flexibility in my lifestyle that will allow me to savor my family life while advancing in my career. I am happiest when moving and creating with my hands, which has been the case since I began knitting and crocheting while still a small child. I was also an award-winning athlete in school, teaching me to focus, endurance, and teamwork.

Thank you for considering my application to your program in Pediatric Dentistry.

Pediatric Dentistry Residency Sample


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