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Periodontology Residency LOR, Letter of Recommendation from Mentor

Updated: Mar 24

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Dr. XXXX and it is a pleasure to provide a recommendation for Dr. XXXX for advanced study in Periodontology. I am most pleased that Dr. Wu is seeking to attend one of the most rigorous, 3-year programs in Periodontology in the USA. I have been serving as faculty since 2007 and I currently teach Periodontology at the XXXX Medical University. I also serve as an attending periodontist in the Division of Periodontics in the Department of Dentistry at the XXXX Medical Center in Taiwan. I have completed several fellowships and training programs, including an Implant Fellowship at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine.

It was in my position at the Medical Center that I had the privilege of getting to know Dr. XXXX, since he completed his internship with us after completing dental school. I benefited greatly from his assistance, support, and suggestions. His energy is contagious and his dedicated curiosity most noble. I admired his drive to learn and put into practice what he was learning and exploring in Periodontology and I am left most impressed with his dedication and passion for the advancement of the profession.

Dr. XXXX could not be more highly motivated to excellence nor more patient-focused as a dentistry practitioner. He is outstanding as both a learner and as a surgeon, and especially excels with respect to teamwork. I advised Dr. XXXX concerning his seminar report on Piezoelectric Surgery which was an outstanding success and I also enjoyed his insightful questions. Before surgery, we would discuss what we were about to do at length, helping him to maximize his learning curve. Always very focused throughout his internship training, he was rewarded with top marks on our Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE).

Dr. XXXX is a patient and compassionate dentist, who is consistently successful at establish mutual trust with each patient. He always took the time to keep the patient well informed, going into detail with the patient about the surgery that they were going to undergo. Dr. XXXX excelled as a periodontal assistant and at implant surgery. I noted that he even spent much of his free time in the periodontal clinic, observing and discussing surgical procedures. Never have I seen a student more fully immersed in and dedicated to Periodontology and I could not feel stronger that the program that he decides to attend will be most fortunate to have the support of such a creative and dedicated professional as Dr. XXXX.


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