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Personal Statement for Dental School

Updated: Jan 19

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Personal Statement for Dental School Admission, Immigrant from Cameroon

My life has been characterized by an ongoing series of profound challenges over the years, and I have tackled all of them head-on. Each has been a learning exercise, always maintaining my buoyant spirit and head high. From Cameroon in Central Africa, I moved to the US a decade ago with two siblings to join our mother, who had left three years prior. Working as an anesthesiologist in Cameroon, she quit her job to move to the US for better financial opportunities and a more promising future for her children. However, it was extremely challenging to establish ourselves in a new country where everything was so different, and people spoke a different tongue. Initially, she worked three jobs to put food on our table, and we lived in a small studio apartment where two people would have collided walking simultaneously. As the oldest son, I had to take on multiple low-paying jobs to help feed and support the family. Going to college was a luxury and sustenance was the priority. I learned to adapt quickly; however, learning the language and culture provided me with a bridge to others in my new society.

As our economic situation gradually improved, I enrolled in a bachelor's program while working full-time. Unfortunately, this impacted my GPA tremendously. However, I have done well in my ongoing master's program and multiple business ventures. I forayed into entrepreneurship and opened a state-of-the-art barbershop in -___ GA, in 2017, which has ushered in an income and won me love and support from white and black community members. Soon after, I began renting out cars and apartments. I also became an Amazon FBA store owner, with a small warehouse where I would sell and ship household goods, pet accessories, etc. Recently, I have also learned to invest in real estate, and the stock market, and things look brighter. I accomplished all this while going to school full-time and attending classes every summer.

I did not know much about Dentistry when I moved to the USA, but for years now, I have been focused on making Dentistry my career. At first, I did a lot of shadowing in a variety of areas to get a better sense of career direction, I shadowed optometrists first, surgeons next, and then pharmacists before falling in love with dentistry. I trace my commitment to Dentistry back to my most essential shadowing experience with a dentist. I was awestruck by the amount of work that goes into every treatment. This was a soul-searching experience, and I was pleasantly surprised by my resourcefulness while helping in the lab. The dentist even praised me for the pertinent questions that I asked and my ability to think on my feet and calm patients' nerves. Witnessing him at work was like witnessing magic. I was promptly hooked on what I saw and fully anticipated this would always be true.

After completing a post-baccalaureate, I got accepted into a Master´s Program in Biomedical Sciences, from which I plan to graduate at the end of this year, 2021. I currently hold a 3.5 GPA. My master's has undoubtedly been my life's most rigorous academic endeavor, ensuring I am consistently on my toes and leaving no stone unturned in my insistence on excellence. I have become an expert at time management, multitasking, organization, teamwork, and meticulous research. I am much better at prioritizing my tasks and allocating specific hours to each subject I am studying intensively.

My diverse life experiences have molded me into a dedicated and conscientious individual who keeps treading on the path to success. Apart from the skills that I have gained through my shadowing experience, I am also proud of my business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit. I am a multitasker and an extrovert with a congenial personality that will allow me to learn from my peers in Dental School and my professors, making the most of the experience that will serve as a foundation for my future.

A common denominator that radiates across all my endeavors is my ability to apply myself in demanding situations, delivering the right results. I most fervently hope to do so now in Dental School, to which I will give my all-in preparation for the fullest devotion to Dentistry for the balance of my professional life.

I thank you for considering my dream.

Personal Statement for Dental School


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