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Residency in General Dentistry Associate Dentist in London

Updated: Jan 20

Dentistry is, for me, a gratifying profession. I am anxious to arrive at the clinic each day and find it hard to leave when it comes time. I love the engagement, service, and ability to contribute to many lives. I get an enormous sense of satisfaction knowing that I make essential contributions to the oral health of my community.

I could not be more dedicated to lifelong education in dentistry. Completing dental school at Poznan University in Poland in 2013 was only the beginning. Most of my internships and clinical experiences have been in London, so I am accustomed to practicing as an Associate Dentist on the forefront in two different dental practices, one in the Southeast and the other in the Northwest of London - providing NHS as well as private dental services. With sufficient experience, this is the optimal time to complete a residency program in General Dentistry.

Since finishing dental school in Poland, I have been taking CPD classes and volunteering as much of my time as my circumstances allow, cultivating a special place in my heart for the underserved, who I hope to engage with increasingly as my career progresses. I also hope to be selected for your distinguished AEGD residency program at XXXX Medical Center to fully maximize my career potential as a general dentist, attending to patients with complex and routine oral and dental issues. I regularly volunteer at charitable dental clinics in Delhi, India, my country of origin, providing dental care to the underprivileged. My goal in these clinics is always the same, to get better and better at what I do, and the experience has enabled me to become highly efficient at the same time while always remaining compassionate. I also try to add something new to my clinical skill set regularly.

Most patients I have treated in London came to me through the NHS. Thus, I had the privilege of treating an enormous diversity of people, primarily for routine dental treatment: the elderly, children, and people from all economic backgrounds, including individuals from communities of scarce resources that rarely have, if ever, seen a dentist. I thrive connecting with people of all ages and linguistic and ethnic backgrounds, refining my communication and interpersonal skills by caring for patients from diverse experiences.

At this point in my dentistry career, I realize that I still have much more to learn, especially if I am to make my maximum contribution to the field. I am determined to deliver in General Dentistry. I hope to be selected for the AEGD Program at XXXX as a dentist ready to hit the ground running in your program and distinguish myself as a talented practitioner already skilled in many if not most dental procedures. I seek to acquire and master advanced multidisciplinary techniques and the management of complex cases.

I am particularly favorably impressed with the rigorous curriculum at XXXX and the accomplishments of your most distinguished and erudite faculty, who have created a demanding yet nurturing learning environment. As a practicing dentist with strong interpersonal communication skills, I seek a well-rounded and unparalleled advanced education in general dentistry like the one provided by your program.

Residency in General Dentistry Associate Dentist


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