Residency in Periodontics, Editing the Personal Statement, Saudi Dentist Sample

Updated: Nov 18

A very hard-working Saudi Arabian dentist, I have learned to artfully balance my full-time devotion to dentistry with my family. I am a young woman whose first professional love is Periodontology and this has empowered me to become a master of time management and multitasking, My fullest professional aspiration is to teach in this area in addition to practice, at some point in my career. Thus, it is my hope to receive some of the finest training in the world in Periodontology as a result of being accepted to and completing a Residency Program in Periodontics.

I have always believed that a beautiful smile makes a person more attractive and confident, making an optimal first impression. Before beginning dental school, I had a passion about beauty and about improving people’s lives in sustainable ways. For me, Dentistry fulfills both of those drives. I finished dental school in Saudi Arabia two years ago and was most proud to do so ranking 8th in my class. Since shortly after beginning dental school, I have focused on Periodontology as the area in which I hope to pursue advanced training. Particularly after my first two years of dental school, I got to know enough about a variety of areas of specialization in dentistry to feel fully confident that Periodontology was the correct choice for me. By my fifth year, I was treating patients under the supervision of a resident dentist with advanced training in Periodontology. One particular patient that required a large number of surgical procedures remains in my mind to this day. I began to better understand the theoretical as well as clinical aspects of our field; and attend to more and more surgeries, also spending a great deal of time watching videos online. I came to appreciate the equal importance of periodontium and dentation.

In my internship, I was able to focus mostly on Implantology, which I was unable to do in dental school and I fell in love with all aspects of implants. My 4 months of rotations in a variety of implant clinics in different hospitals were some of the best times of my life, along with going to regular workshops for a variety of aspects of implant techniques and resources.  By the end of this experience I was convinced that I wanted to give my professional life mostly to Implantology.

About this time in my career, I so loved being a student that I began to dream of teaching someday. On a few occasions, I went to schools to talk about my specialty and how much it could change people's lives for the better, providing instructions concerning dental care and how to avoid dental problems. I have always been a person who loved to discover things and learn more and more and this has led me to participate in many research projects, for the last couple of years, most of my research efforts have been in the area of Periodontics. I want to devote my life to helping patients to have a higher quality of life as result of their treatment. I also seek a lifetime of intense community engagement and support as an oral health professional. I keenly look forward to participating in public health campaigns and I want to contribute to raising awareness about the importance of periodontics. I feel strongly that my 6 years of formal academic training in dentistry will enable me to hit the ground running in your program and excel. I thank you for considering my application.

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