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International Dentist Personal Statement Examples

Updated: Jan 23

My skill in and love of science subjects at school opened many career paths for me. Still, I wanted to do something useful in life, and dentistry held a unique attraction since everyone needs oral health care. The constant advances in techniques and materials make it a dynamic and exciting profession, and the opportunity to improve appearance, comfort, and dietary choice provides exceptional professional satisfaction to the practitioner and great utility to the patient. Becoming a dentist is a choice that I have never regretted.

I graduated with a creditable GPA of 4.4/5, awarded by the prestigious King Abdulaziz University, reflecting exceptional diligence and enthusiasm, and indicating my academic and professional potential. Since qualifying, I have completed several internships that have exposed me to many patient types and conditions and provided me with a good foundation in dentistry. I have also sought to extend and deepen my knowledge and skills by reading professional journals and attending as many relevant conferences, forums, and workshops as possible. I have also organized or assisted in organizing several events to widen my knowledge and that of dental students and graduates. In addition, I have participated in a wide range of voluntary activities relating to the propagation of oral and dental health education, especially for children and the young.

My skills, knowledge, enthusiasm, and research experience were recognized by my invitation to become a Clinical Supervisor and teacher of dental students at KAU, which I enjoy. However, research is my main interest. I have assisted in several research projects and co-authored several papers relating, in the main, to topics relating to oral biology, which has become a passionate interest to me since it is the vital key to so many problems relating to improvement in dental and oral health.

My application arises from, among other reasons: an eagerness to understand the biological basis of normal or pathological oral phenomena as they affect different specialties; a desire to understand the link between oral biological knowledge and progress in dental care; how to assist practitioners in early and accurate diagnoses; and in the development of more effective preventative therapies and materials.

I am aware that research calls for characteristics and skills that are uncommon. Among these are: the ability to accurately identify problems and the viable solutions to them; think creatively and originally; high-level planning skills; set challenging but realistic goals; and a willingness to collaborate positively with others to achieve a common goal. I would not be making this application if I were not confident that I possess these skills and characteristics and the drive to develop them further to become a first-class researcher in the field.

I aim to become an academic, sharing my passion for the specialty and undertaking practical research that aids the prevention, early diagnosis, and treatment of many oral and dental conditions.

I have solid experience in practice, teaching, and critically important research. However, my main recommendation is that I am genuinely passionate about acquiring the high-level skills and knowledge that will enable me to make a real and beneficial difference in the lives of many practitioners and patients.

Thank you for considering my application.

International Dentist Personal Statement Examples


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