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Periodontics Residency Personal Statement Example

Updated: Jan 24

I trace my passion for dentistry back to when I was a patient at eight years old and began by seeing a pediatric dentist who referred me to an orthodontist. Sitting in the dental chair and listening for the next several years, absorbing everything around me, and watching every move the dentists made were the most exciting moments of my life so far at that tender age – I was hooked. I asked for all the details with each appointment, and the instruments especially enamored me. By the time I was twelve, I had perfect oral health and a vast, lovely smile, and I decided to become a dentist.

Throughout my school years, my parents encouraged me to rise to the top of my class and stay there, which was easy since I loved learning. Dental School was a natural choice given my interests and high motivation. I continued to distinguish myself among my peers in dental school, most notably as a study group leader in Periodontology. This was no coincidence since I focused on this area early on in dental school as the specialization that I found most intriguing and to which I hoped to go on to devote my professional life. I adore every aspect of Periodontology, especially surgery, aesthetics, and implants. After graduating with honors from King Abdulaziz University in Dental Medicine & Surgery in 2014, I was awarded a Teaching and Demonstrator Assistantship by the Department of Periodontics, from which I graduated. I have also been awarded a full scholarship for postgraduate studies toward an advanced degree and clinical certificate in the USA.

During my internship experience, I assisted Dr. ____ _____, one of the most respected periodontists in Saudi Arabia, learning from the best, watching his every move, and helping with everything I could. I learned and absorbed a great deal each day throughout this period, and I see it as one of the most significant experiences of my professional life. I shall always be thankful to Dr ____ for providing me with such a dynamic and intensive launch into the practice of Periodontics. After assisting with surgeries during my internship - external and internal sinus lift, gingivectomy, and soft and hard tissue grafting - I could not have been more convinced that Periodontics was my calling.

I keenly look forward to contributing to the diversity of your distinguished program as an Arab woman engaged in discussions of dentistry and development on a global scale and the need for dental care in developing countries. I hope to be selected for a Periodontics degree program of the highest standards. This rigorous program will give me the whole life opportunity possible in a challenging and exciting environment. I crave long hours on my feet attending to a broad range of cases and a similarly diverse patient population. After finishing the program, I will return to Saudi Arabia to continue my career as a member of the Periodontics faculty at King Abdulaziz University, giving my all for the balance of my professional life to advancing Periodontics in Saudi Arabia.

writing and editing for the advance of periodontology in Saudi Arabia
Saudi Society of Periodontology

I find great joy in envisioning how I will serve as a role model in my country; there are very few women on the faculty in any area of dentistry, and I feel a keen responsibility to always give 100% as a vanguard for the more significant numbers of women faculty in Periodontics that are sure to follow, and, in fact, in all areas of dentistry, as well as all other fields. I look forward to helping to improve university facilities, curriculum, etc.

Most of all, I want to become a truly outstanding, specialized periodontist; and distinguish myself as an investigator and regular contributor to the literature in Periodontology. I will always be a compassionate and caring dentist, giving my patients and students everything.

Thank you for considering my application.

Periodontics Residency Personal Statement Example

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