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Chinese Periodontist to IDP Personal Statement

 DMD Periodontist China
Chinese Periodontist to IDP Personal Statement

Throughout my academics, professional career, and research work, I have maintained almost two decades of conceptual continuity, and an unwavering pursuit of providing the finest dental care possible for my patients. No other field could ever bring me the same level of personal or professional satisfaction. My five years of chief resident work, specializing in periodontal disease in China, making nine years total hospital experience as a dentist - exposed me to many patients, many of whom sadly lost a number of teeth. This situation fueled my desire to research periodontal diseases, publishing my findings in professional Chinese and international dental journals. I am currently researching the proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA) gene and estrogen promoter, which may have a close relationship with hormone-related periodontal diseases.

The Advanced Standing Program at XXXX University's XXXX School of Dental Medicine is my sole choice for obtaining my DMD accreditation. Through an academic relationship with the ____ School, exposure to the quality faculty and state-of-the-art facilities, I will be better equipped to bring about real change in the development of efficient treatment strategies, addressing periodontal disease processes, becoming not just another dental professional, but an outstanding dentist with advanced training; forever changed.

DMD Periodontist China
Advanced Standing DMD Periodontist China

For the future, I anticipate a long professional career as a periodontal specialist. My experiences in the United States have shown me that there are many Chinese-speaking patients seeking dental professionals who are fluent in Chinese. It is my pleasure to serve their unique needs, as with my Chinese cultural background, I am able to reach out to them in their arterial language, making them comfortable, and easing their concerns regarding language barriers.

Moreover, my cultural background combined with my experiences as an immigrant has made me more adept at communicating effectively with people of differing backgrounds. Whatever my patient's background, it is very rewarding to see happy, smiling faces of satisfied and socially confident patients. The amelioration of my patients lives is my goal, to bring about the cessation of pain, and restore function. More than this, though, I want to be known as a doctor who not only provides excellent professional treatments, but one who takes the time to go through the educational process with my patients, encouraging them, building their confidence within a treatment regimen, making them active participants in the process of good dental health.

An integral part of my future practice will include annual visits to China and teaching at a major dental school. I want to be a vehicle for the knowledge and skills I have gained in America and bring them to burgeoning Chinese dental students. Many Chinese students desperately want to gain access to modern health care systems and advance their dental knowledge. I would love to provide that experience for them and feel that I will be an excellent example to them, providing a professional link.

Chinese Periodontist Personal Statement for IDP
Chinese Periodontist to IDP Personal Statement Examples

To date, though, my most fulfilling defining moment occurred during my first research project. During my clinical work as a resident, I was exposed to a great deal of patients with an entire spectrum of fear of dental care. I found that Chinese dentists frequently did not address their patients anxieties, and set about designing a special survey of dental anxiety aimed at a random sampling of Chinese patients, basing the survey on their references and life habits. Upon completing my independent project, my paper received an Award of Excellence from the editors of the Journal of Dental Prevention and Treatment. This event not only inspired me to pursue further dental research, but also developed my interpersonal skills, an integral component of effective dental practice.

I look forward to the opportunity to develop myself further as a truly effective periodontal specialist and creative leader for dental research. Your time and consideration is greatly appreciated and I eagerly await a personal interview.

Chinese Periodontist to IDP Personal Statement


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