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Clinical Endodontics Certificate Personal Statement

Updated: Feb 1

Originally from Bulgaria, I am a dentist making my permanent home in XXXX on the XXXX Islands in Scotland. The National Health Service does not list dentists on the XXXX Islands (population 21,000) with special Endodontics training. Therefore, I hope to be the first dentist on the XXXX Islands to complete advanced training in Endodontics.

After graduating from dental school in Bulgaria in 1996, I worked for Bulgaria’s National Health Service as a general dentist until 2000. I moved to the USA in 2000 because my biochemist ex-wife was awarded a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Virginia. In 2003 we moved to New Jersey, and in 2006 I became a US citizen. I spent much of that period of my life on a plane back and forth between the USA and Bulgaria, keeping my dental license and building up my practice while earning my green card and attending to my now-ex-wife in the former. I sold my practice in Bulgaria in 2006. I worked as a dental assistant in the USA and later as a dental technician in New York until I began NYU’s Clinical Dental Research Program in 2007. My formal duties in NYC were all research, but I helped at a free clinic in my spare time. Later that year, I was recruited to begin practicing dentistry in Wales, and I remained there as a National Health Service Dentist until 2012, when I took up my present post through the NHS in XXXX on the XXXX Islands.

I hope to earn the MSc in Clinical Endodontics from the University of South XXXX so that members of my community do not have to fly to Aberdeen or Edinburgh for care by a trained Endodontist. So far, I have 127 RCTs under my belt, and only two were unsuccessful. I have a dental microscope rotary endo kit apex locator and innovative material. I need to improve my skills and learn everything new in Endodontics to practice on the forefront of my field, serving the community on XXXX Islands.

Thank you for considering my application.

Clinical Endodontics Certificate Personal Statement


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