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Letter of Recommendation from Endodontics Professor for Residency Program, Professional Sample

Updated: Mar 22

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Dr. XXXX and I write the following recommendation on behalf of my Endodontics student XXXX who seeks a Residency Position in Endodontics in the USA. I teach Endodontics to 4th year dentistry students at the University of XXXX’s Dental School. Only rarely have I taught a student as capable as XXXX who I remember especially well for his great enthusiasm for Endodontics in particular. Throughout the time that he was my student, he asked excellent questions which showed a great deal of didactic knowledge and an enormous potential to contribute to our field if given the opportunity of advanced training in Endodontics.

XXXX consistently demonstrated his impressive clinical abilities as a student of Endodontics and his dedication to his studies and keen desire to give his all throughout dental school, always assuring his place on the Dean's Honor List. His manual dexterity is especially impressive, a true gift. His most amicable personality and strong work ethic make him a pleasure to work with, especially as a result of his intense devotion to the cause of safe patient care and the constant enhancement of our learning and practice environments.

XXXX is an ambitious student who thrives for greatness and is successful in whatever he undertakes to accomplish. A kind and caring individual, he embodies great people skills and excels at making his patients feel comfortable. A keen student with an eye for detail and a profound devotion to the task at hand, he is also a very creative thinker with a dedication to logic. Persistent and focused, he never fails to complete a procedure in most excellent fashion and on time. Sean is a great success because he gives freely of his time, his life is dentistry. He is always receptive to and appreciative of constructive criticism and suggestions, his humble demeanor fosters warmth, understanding, and the utilization of every opportunity to grow into a better clinician. His presence is nurturing and supportive with even the most challenging patients.

My recommendation for XXXX's application for this endodontic post-graduate program is unreserved. I assure the admissions committee that he will maximize his learning opportunity to shape himself into a strong endodontic clinician. In addition, in light of XXXX's love of teaching and helping colleagues, I envision him someday serving as an instructor in the field of Endodontics. It would be a pleasure to provide you with any further information you might desire with respect to this most promising candidate for your program.


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