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LOR for International Dentist Program, Letter of Recommendation for Chairside Dental Assistant

Updated: Jun 11

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is XXXX, DMD and I am the clinic director at XXXX Dental in Norwood, MA. I count myself incredibly fortunate to have had XXXX serves as my Dental Assistant. Having been in practice for some time, some of my assistants have been better than others, but none have worked harder, learned faster, or shown more talent for dentistry than my current assistant XXXX. Thus, I feel strongly that XXXX's sheer talent, drive, and determination have earned her a place in our profession; and I could not recommend her more strenuously or authentically from the bottom of my heart for a DDS/DMD Program for International Dentists.

XXXX has been my chairside assistant for the past year-and-a-half and has become my right arm. She assists me with all procedures, especially many composite restorations and the preparation of bridges. She shows extraordinary talent, particularly in the areas of root canals and removable as well as complete prostheses. She is always a great hit with the patients who respond immediately to her excellent cheer and soothing tone. She knows how to put them very much at ease. XXXX is also great at everything having to do with technology, particularly radiographs and intra-oral pictures

XXXX is equally adept at preparing, breaking down, and sterilizing rooms and instruments as she is with patient education and postoperative instructions. She made it a point to become fully aware of CDC, OSHA, and HIPP infection control standards. XXXX will be sorely missed as a great team player and a pleasure to be around. Her charm and devotion to dentistry will reward the IDP who has the foresight to choose XXXX, as I am sure she will distinguish herself as a hard-working student most devoted to dentistry.


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