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Letter of Recommendation by Chief Dentist, Dental LOR Examples, Professional Writing Service

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To Whom It May Concern,

As a full professor in the School of Stomatology at XXXX University and a Chief Dentist in XXXX Hospital in China, I have educated many students. Very few stand out in my mind as much as Dr. XXXX. I could not recommend him more heartily as an applicant to your international dentist program.

I also serve as a committee member for the International Association of Dental XXXX, as Vice-Chairman of the Oral Emergency Specialty of the Chinese Association of Dental XXXX, and as a member of the Standing Committee in Emergency Medicine at XXXX University. Before 2012, I was the Director of the Emergency Department of the XXXX Hospital in Beijing for twelve years. I had an opportunity to supervise Dr. XXXX since he practiced general dentistry in our department.

Dr. XXXX practiced general dentistry in our department from 2001 to 2007, including some night shifts during weekdays and daytime shifts on weekends. Due to the shortage of dental care in China, our department also provides service for outpatients without emergency conditions during the daytime. He had an opportunity to practice all aspects of general dentistry while working with us, providing regular and urgent care. During our seven years together, I got to know this young dentist well. Dr. XXXX is a highly diligent, dedicated, and responsible professional with great enthusiasm and compassion for his patients. His hard-working and warm-hearted qualities are well-known in our department. After finishing his routine work at the Center for Salivary Gland Diseases and our Department of Oral Radiology, Dr. XXXX worked in our department, covering the night shift from 4 to 9 pm several times each week.

Whenever there were large numbers of urgent cases pending, and patients waiting for treatment, Dr. XXXX always stayed long into the night. The other staff in our department referred to him as the “ironman.” I was also most impressed by his passion for learning new techniques and skills. When our department first started to use rotary instruments for root canal preparation, he was among the first group of people to master the instrument.

Dr. XXXX has a humble quality that makes patients feel at ease. These hard years of practice have made him a mature, determined, and dedicated professional. I believe that Dr. XX is on track to have a most impressive career. I recommend him without reservation for a position as an internationally trained dentist in your advanced standing program. I would be happy to provide you with any additional information you might need.


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