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LOR from Mentor: Recommendation Letter for International Dentist Program

Updated: Jan 21

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is XXXX, DDS, and it gives me immense pleasure to provide a recommendation for XXXX, whom I have gotten to know quite well through the last year as she has observed and assisted me in my dentistry practice. We share the same group of friends, all dentists from India, brainstorming together concerning the issues and challenges we frequently face as we strive for constant advancement in our profession. Technically speaking, I am XXXX’s mentor, yet the advanced abilities that she has already acquired as a dental professional, combined with her youth, vigor, and extreme professional dedication, have resulted in her inspiring me just as much as I would like to think that I have inspired her.

Thus, it is an enormous privilege for me to write this letter of recommendation on XXXX's behalf for selection to your Advanced Standing Program for International Dentists. Her finest qualities are her flexibility, always thinking on her feet, sheer diligence, and great passion for dentistry. Serving as her mentor has been among the finest and most memorable experiences of my career so far and sets the standard for what is best among us, as dentists, Indians, and as international thinkers/practitioners in global dentistry, always with one eye on the underserved, especially the children. I have been practicing at XXXX Dentistry for Children for the past year. Previously, I gained 12 years of experience serving at XXXX Pediatric Dentistry. XXXX has shown tremendous passion for pediatric dentistry, which is my central focus; thus, we often connect to gather information and share knowledge and concerns about Pediatric Dentistry.

XXXX is always peaceful and calm, with her nerves never rattled. The most exciting I have seen her is when she is helping me attend the treatment of a child or after she has participated in a lecture or seminar in Pediatric Dentistry, which she does with great frequency. She is also actively involved in volunteering events and workshops organized by XXXX County Oral Health Leaders Advocates and Resources (MOLAR Coalition). As a member of the MOLAR Coalition, she has dramatically enhanced her familiarity with various aspects of oral health. She can thus make essential contributions to our dental community, especially outreach programs. XXXX is also actively supporting camps organized by the Refugees and Immigrants Community for Empowerment (RICE), further demonstrating her passion and commitment to her goals and in support of the community. As her mentor, I have seen her grow professionally in leaps and bounds and could not be more confident that she will distinguish herself in your program.

Please contact me if you have any further questions concerning XXXX’s application.


LOR from Mentor: Recommendation Letter


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