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Community Service Indian Woman Dentist IDP Example

Updated: Feb 4

Before I permanently relocated to the USA a little over one year ago, because of my marriage to a beautiful man who is also a dentist. I enjoyed some of the best five years of my life working full-time as a dentist in my country of origin, India. I have hit the ground running here in America and worked for one year with DenTemps as a Dental Assistant in twenty-five clinics. A fast learner, they refer to me sometimes as an expert in four-handed dentistry. I have learned a great deal and have already become well-adjusted to the state-of-the-art character of dental care in America. I am particularly pleased to have this experience level because it will enable me to excel in your competitive DDS program for international dentists.

One of the exceptional dentists that has recommended me to your program, Dr. XXXX, has been influential as a mentor. I have learned the most about dentistry here in America in his clinic. I especially admire how he provides free treatment for numerous people fighting addictions and struggling to turn their lives around. I, too, have a particular interest in this area, and I hope to make my mark someday by publishing in this area. I am particularly troubled by the role of addictions in my native India, which has one of the highest oral cancer rates in the world. Dr. XXXX even attends to people on weekends, something else I admire.

As a dental assistant with DenTemps, I have performed various duties, such as assisting with amalgams and composites, pouring models, making impressions, etc. The position has always been temporary and has helped me practice my ability to adjust to new situations and contexts very rapidly. I feel confident that I have retained my abilities to function optimally under pressure in dentistry practice here in America.

Sharing my husband’s experiences throughout his journey ahead of me through dental school in the USA also helped prepare me to excel in your DDS Program. I know what to expect because I have supported my husband. Naturally, I have his full support as I prepare to begin my dental school journey and become a licensed dental practitioner in the USA.

My father’s profound dedication to community service is also one of the underlying inspirations that drove me to excel in service to my fellow man and woman through dentistry, especially those most vulnerable with the fewest resources. On my first day of primary school, my father announced, "You shall be God’s gift to others.” This moment is frozen in time for me, and I remember it vividly as if it were yesterday, as it serves as a guiding light to understand who I am and where I come from. He used to tell me that the primary purpose of my education was to prepare me to benefit my society. As I grew up and began to ponder various career paths, I always focused on my father’s advice, which led me to conclude that dentistry was my true calling.

My involvement with the free health camps sponsored by my church has been the most influential among my numerous volunteer activities. I especially loved these camps because they allowed me to interact extensively with doctors and dentists and profit from conversations on a wide range of topics related to public health, especially oral health. The fact that the care provided was utterly free of charge helped me to understand the kind of joy in life that is most meaningful of all; transforming faces contorted with pain into smiles of happiness is the epiphany that I shall forever seek as a result of how the dentists in these camps left me with such a deep sense of appreciation and respect for the profession.

I did exceptionally well throughout school, especially in everything related to science. I was awarded a place in dental school based on merit and, after finishing my studies, immediately joined the practice of one of the most famous dental surgeons in my home city of Goa. Under his guidance, I progressed to the point where I was most comfortable managing the clinic independently.  I would go on to practice in Goa for a total of 3 years and two years in New Delhi. My last two years as a dentist in India were in Goa, this time in a hospital, which I found the most fulfilling because of my love for working with humble people with minimal resources.

My long-term goal is to have my private practice while working extensively alongside NGOs dedicated to dental missions, helping them in every way, especially concerning my native India.

Thank you for considering my application to your program.

Community Service Indian Woman Dentist IDP Example


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