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Indian Woman, IDP, International Dentist Program, BDS, MDS in India

Updated: Mar 24

Two statements for the same applicant follow, the first one general, not directed to any particular program, followed by a statement directed to a particular program, usually the applicants first choice.

General Statement for CAAPID, not directed to any particular university

A dentist from India making a new home for herself and her family here in the USA, I was born into a family of empathetic doctors and spent my childhood frequenting the clinics and retirement homes where they served, observing them taking care of those in need. Their loyalty and passion to serve humankind left a profound impact on me and drove my commitment to the dentistry profession where I can instill happiness in other’s lives.

I finished dental school in India in 2011 and went on to earn my Master of Dental Surgery Degree in 2015, with a focus on Oral Medicine & Radiology. I have been in the USA since my marriage in April of 2017. I am strongly motivated towards re-starting my career in dentistry here in the USA by completing a doctoral program, and have been engaging in various capacities to gain new experiences. Just recently, for example, in March 2019, I got a wonderful opportunity to observe dentists specializing in the treatment of patients with disabilities, one of the areas in which I seek intensive, advanced education and experience in the future.

My foremost fascination in terms of research and oral health education is Oral cancer. I have worked with patients suffering from Oral cancer and potentially malignant disorders as a part of my dissertation in India. This also gave me a chance to observe for 1-month in an Indian Cancer Institute, cementing my determination to continue to learn all that I can about the battle against oral cancer, smoking cessation, and public health education globally on this issue. I counseled my patients to quit tobacco and smoking cigarettes, to prevent this deadly disease.

After completing dental school in India, I worked full time as a dentist, mostly diagnosing and treating endodontics cases. I performed root canal treatments, post and core, and also provided crown preparations on a voluntary basis for low-income patients in a charitable clinic. Next, I worked at a dental clinic for 9 months to gain additional experience and then started my own practice which I operated for one year before coming to the USA.

My first experience as a dental assistant in the USA was with Medical Teams International, where I am still serving on a mobile clinic alongside Dr. XXXX, who has encouraged me and supported me to work towards my goal. He has been extremely helpful and kind, I have learned a great deal from Dr. Faine and our patients as well, especially about the difficulties of homeless and senior populations in Seattle. Recently, one patient was so happy with her treatment that she brought a whole plate of desserts for the team to the mobile dental clinic.

I gravitate naturally towards helping the underserved, especially geriatric and pediatric populations. I have also been volunteering as a dental assistant at the XXXX Christian Clinic since August of 2018 where I have had the opportunity to learn from Dr. XXXX who is a renowned faculty member of the University of Washington. I assist the dental students in providing comprehensive treatment to their patients including extractions, crown preparations, restorations, gingivectomy by electrocautery, bridges, dentures, and composite veneering. Dr. XXXX always makes an effort to not only teach the dental school students but me as well. For example, when she first introduced CAD-CAM to the dental students, she made sure that I was there to see and learn about it as well. I love having a chance to interact with the geriatric population, learning about their priorities and the challenges that they face.

I have also volunteered at a senior citizen center spending time with people who suffer from dementia, getting to know them, interacting, and longing for additional opportunities to care for the elderly, in a holistic fashion.

I completed a 95-hour hands-on workshop in restorations, crown preparations, and Removal partial dentures designing, pouring over numerous case studies, more fully absorbing techniques to improve my clinical skills. This opportunity gave me a chance to practice and to correct my mistakes during my practice sessions.

Fully dedicated to lifelong learning in Dentistry, after earning my doctoral degree, I hope to receive advanced training in smile design and cosmetic dentistry. I will always continue to stay current about advancements in general dentistry and involved with professional organizations and local groups devoted to oral health education. Always staying heavily engaged at the grassroots level and focused on the underserved who need me most, I hope to volunteer regularly for the balance of my professional lifetime and even beyond. Helping people, treating and educating patients and the general public is where I find my inner peace and greatest satisfaction. I thrive on every opportunity to interact and communicate, learning about people in need and their unique oral health stories.

I thank you for considering my application.

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Same applicant as above, CAAPID Application for Indian International Dentist, Statement direceted to a specific program.

I moved to the USA from India in 2017. It never ceases me to amaze how far ahead the US dental practice is when compared to the rest of the world. I keep myself thoroughly aware and constantly working to refurbish my existing skill sets. I have shadowed different dentists and attended hands-on workshops where topics like restorations, full crown preparation, provisional fabrication, etc. were covered in depth. These self-driven learning experiences left me with relevant techniques and expertise to ace in my profession. In addition, I volunteer with a mobile dental clinic in Seattle, serving as a Dental Assistant. With the growing situation of homelessness in Seattle, healthcare has become a primary concern for those in need. Most engaged with my community and in love with Seattle, the International Dentist Program at the University of XXXX is my first choice.

I am a compassionate person who was born into a family of doctors. My parents frequently took me to their clinic where I observed and admired the efforts of my parents taking care of their patients. I used to visit an old age home with them where they made their donations and volunteered to spend time with the members of the home. Their loyalty and passion to serve mankind left a profound impact on me. My parents always stressed me and my siblings to be sincere, empathetic and respectful towards others.

As a child, I was captivated by art and did very well in my art classes. I used to make paintings, small handicrafts etc. for my family and friends. During my adolescence, I had to make a decision for my future prospects. I started researching about various healthcare fields as I was inclined towards a profession that runs deep in my familial roots. Being a compassionate person, having a creative mind, I chose dentistry as I believe it is a blend of art and science. Dentistry could give an opportunity to help people, improve their dental health with my skills, knowledge and inspire confidence and self-esteem in them.

My journey started in 2006 when I began a five-year Bachelor of Dental Surgery in India. During my classes, I had an intensive hands-on practice that helped me achieve a smooth transition from pre-clinic to clinical sessions. I got the opportunity to learn clinical skills from excellent mentors whose learnings I still remember and follow. When delivering my first denture to a patient, I was filled with gratitude and pride. This simple act taught me that I can provide so much happiness to somebody through my work. I also gained knowledge about patient management including patient interactions, addressing their concerns and difficulties, and setting the right expectation with empathy and accuracy.

During my under-graduation, I decided to give back in any form possible. I volunteered to work with underserved populations in rural areas where we explained the importance of oral hygiene. I volunteered at a dental camp in a rural area of South India where we worked as a team of 15 dentists and diagnosed over 1,000 patients in 6 days. I treated over 30 patients during this camp. Apart from our roles as dentists, we also organized street plays where I participated as an actor. It became a memorable experience as we not only interacted with villagers to spread awareness towards dental hygiene, also talked about their difficulties, their lifestyle, shared their food and played local games with the children of the village.

I attended various guest lectures and conferences where I learned more about Oral Medicine and Radiology, and the impact it can have on the patient’s treatment plan. This resulted in igniting a special interest for this subject in me, and my persuasion of a three years master’s degree with major in Oral Medicine and Radiology.

My master’s degree also provided me greater insights into cancer screening, orofacial pain management, and many other specialized diagnostic procedures. This gave me many rewarding experiences of changing someone’s life by relieving their pain and providing them a healthy smile. Learning never stops in this field, and each case presents something new in terms of growth and learning. I witnessed many cases such as Fibrous dysplasia, Granular cell ameloblastoma, dentinogenesis imperfecta etc. During my master’s dissertation where I focused on potentially malignant disorders and oral cancer patients, I was strongly impacted by my interactions with vulnerable and negatively impacted patients suffering from cancer. It was an awakening when I realized the significant impact dentists can have on patient’s quality of life by early diagnosis and immediate attention to these life-threatening diseases. I followed up with the cases regularly to motivate and counsel them to quit tobacco and smoking cigarettes, to prevent this deadly disease. These three years made me discover a new sense of responsibility, and maturity towards the dentistry profession.

After my masters, I started working as a dentist which provided me exposure to a professional environment. I worked with a team of dentists, and dental staff to provide comprehensive care to the patients. Patient’s medical & financial preferences became central in contrast to my experience at School.

Although dental treatment costs are lower in India, it is still very expensive for lower income groups. A wide majority of such audience tend to ignore dental care & oral hygiene due to monetary reasons. I started my own private practice alongside my ongoing job to provide dental services to lower income groups at affordable pricing in order to do my bit for the community. My participation in such activities increased my knowledge about the culture, habits, and problems of the local community. I am currently volunteering as a dental assistant in a community clinic where I assist the dental students and professors of the University of XXXX. This clinic focuses on providing comprehensive dental care to the geriatric population. Observing the dental students providing treatment to the patients in the clinic helps me understand the training process of the students and also learn the most advanced techniques such as CAD-CAM at the dental office. This clinic provides me an opportunity to absorb new things every day.

The more I observe and work with the dentists in the USA, more determined I am to be a dentist here. This is what gives me joy, allows me to give back to the community, and provides me a sense of accomplishment. I am a hard-working person, a natural learner and passionate towards my goals. As a student, I will continue to work diligently toward my goal of becoming a dentist and providing compassion-filled dental care to patients in the U.S.

I would really appreciate if you consider me for an opportunity to study at your prestigious university.

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