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DDS Advanced Placement Indian Woman

DDS Advanced Placement Program Personal Statement Editing
DDS Advanced Placement Indian Woman Personal Statement Examples, Successful Samples

I am a young woman who was born and raised in India and now lives in Boston. I completed my bachelor's degree in dental surgery at the XXXX Dental College in Chennai, India. As part of my coursework, I had the privilege of serving in an internship position for one year and then was able to work as a junior doctor for another year. I am currently pursuing certification as a dental assistant; having recently completed the course work, I will soon join our Community Health Center to fulfill 320 hours of internship experience as part of the certification process.

DDS Advanced Placement Personal Statement International Dentist
DDS Advanced Placement Indian Woman Examples

My first choice for dental school in the United States is the XXXX University College of Dentistry because I love everything about the program and its location, especially the possibility of receiving advanced placement into the DDS program as an internationally trained dentist for preparation to practice dentistry in the USA. I am drawn to XXXX's established tradition of distinction in the education of visiting international students, and recent immigrants, many from my native India. I am especially impressed with the College's mission to serve all the people and look forward with keen anticipation to being part of a student body represented by over fifty countries. This is for me the single greatest beauty of the United States, and New York, our great diversity.

One of the words that best define my character, passion, and motivation is "progressive" because I seek to live out my dreams of struggling for greater availability of dental care for the poorest, especially those many millions that I have left behind in India. I hope to be granted admission with advanced placement and enter your three-year, full-time program, give my all to your program, become licensed, and begin working on behalf of the people of New York, advancing dentistry in progressive ways. I look forward to long hours of rigorous training followed by several years of dedicated practice serving the needs of the New York Community. I especially look forward with keen anticipation to the privilege of serving in a clinically based ADA Commission on Dental Accreditation-approved postdoctoral general practice for at least one year and the waiver of the clinical exam as a requirement for licensing in New York.

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DDS Advanced Placement Personal Statement Examples

I am especially interested in periodontics. As an intern in college, I had the privilege of assisting in general anesthesia for four months in a pediatric hospital which further fortified my interest in helping children. I adore children, and my most extensive dreams lie in better education to dental awareness for children. My greatest joy in life is struggling to make the dental experience as pleasant as possible so that children learn not to be afraid of going to the dentist. I hope to have my own clinic someday, and, because of a lot of arduous work, arrive at a point where I can dedicate myself extensively if not exclusively to my passion for helping under privileged kids.

While serving as a junior doctor, I was able to work at numerous free clinics for our rural population, among people of diverse cultures and languages, since I am a fully fluent speaker of Telugu, Hindi, and Tamil as well as English. Much of the time, I assisted in general anesthesia for children, my specialty. I am a cheerful young woman who relishes diversity, has excellent communication skills, patience, and the maturity that comes with experience working in diverse environments. I look forward with all my heart to becoming a credit to your program and I want to thank you for consideration of my application.

DDS Advanced Placement Indian Woman


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