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Dental School Personal Statement, Successful Example, Biomedical Science MS

Updated: Mar 21

My central dream in life for many years has been to become a dentist. Unfortunately, however, I was not selected as a result of last year’s application process to dental school. Nevertheless, highly motivated, determined, passionate about my quest to build a distinguished career in dentistry, I remain undaunted. Quickly, I came to realize that a relevant Master’s Degree enhances an applicant’s chances of being accepted; and I narrowed my focus to programs that I could complete in a year or less, so as to have the Master’s completed by the time that I start dental school. This is why I have already begun the 9-month MS in Biomedical Science Program at XXXX University. I am asking for reconsideration from America’s DDS Programs in light of this additional academic progress that I will have have completed prior to dental school, taking full advantage of and giving my all to this marvelous opportunity to learn everything that I can about the biomedical sciences, particularly insofar as it is related to the foundations and horizons of the practice of dentistry.

I trace my adult aspirations back to the age of 9. At this time, my father returned to college in his late thirties to pursue a master’s degree in anesthesia. Since I was the oldest of three children, my mother was also unable to work and we soon found ourselves scrounging out an existence on welfare. I will never forget my first Christmas on public assistance, my parents agonizing over how they could buy presents in addition to putting food on the table. Our church at that time taught me the most important lessons in life, however, compassion and generosity. These moral imperatives have become my principal frame of reference, what I aspire to accomplish myself.

One morning, my mother woke up in excruciating oral pain, and we realized that the local dental school clinic was our only option as welfare recipients. John, a dentistry student, recommended a root canal and patiently responded to each of my mother’s concerns in a simple, straightforward way with illustrations; even I could understand at 10 years old. I could see that my mother felt safe and comfortable, fully trusting in John. During the procedure I saw the tears roll down her face as I held on to her hand. John let me hold the suction for part of the procedure. John became my first real life hero; and from that day forward I have nurtured and treasured the dream of becoming a dentist myself, and attending to the weakest among us, the underserved.

Later, we would move to Florida where I constructed a hockey workshop in our garage with numerous stick handling drills that helped develop my natural dexterity and coordination. One professional experience that has helped to prepare me to excel in your rigorous program was my employment with XXXX Marine Services. We helped to train helicopter pilots in the fields of search and rescue. Coast Guard helicopters would hover within 10 feet of my head while I was raising and lowering rescue baskets. This unique experience helped increase my capacity to perform under strenuous situations and to pay utmost attention to the most minute of details.

Since entering high school, I have labored in one way or another to give something back to my community, serving, for example, as Captain of our ice hockey team. Despite the fact that we lost the state tournament, I went on to serve as Assistant Captain of the XXXX State Ice Hockey team, helping to bring XXU Ice Hockey to its first winning season. Yet, when I realized that my grades were suffering, I quit the team to be able to devote myself full time to my studies. During my freshman year, I co-founded the XXXX Leadership Organization, beginning with only ten members and growing to over 150 over the course of the 3 years that I spent working with them. My first title was Social Service Coordinator and I was in charge of designing and organizing our efforts to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Foundation.  I see my natural inclination for organizing philanthropic activities to be one of my greatest assets and I feel strongly that the most important contribution that I might be able to make to society will be to provide free dental health care to members of our community who are unable to pay for that care.

Although I have only been living in Florida for ten years I see it as my home. I have been a close observer of healthcare systems in the state, especially Tampa, and it is my sincere hope to make major contributions to dental care in this area in the future. I have also dedicated a lot of planning to my goal of someday operating a free mobile dental clinic in rural areas of Florida, especially for the benefit of migrant farm workers and their families. My experience with studying Spanish as an undergraduate student, as well as my continuous practice of the language will aid me in this endeavor by allowing a full range of communication.  I assure you that I will fully dedicate myself to my studies if admitted and I want to thank you for consideration of my application.

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