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Crafting a Compelling Dental School Personal Statement: Learning from a Thai Artist Example

Updated: Jan 19

writing and editing the personal statement for dental school admission
Personal Statement for Dental School Admission, Thai Artist Example

The day I had been dreading was finally here. I could not avoid it anymore. As my feet unwillingly dragged me to class on my first day, thirty pairs of eyes greeted me with hushed tones. If only I had Harry Potter’s invisible cloak to vale those prying eyes. My immigrant parents had transferred me to a new high school for my senior year. While many of my classmates were applying to their top college choices, I was searching for new hobbies that would distract me from my misery and take my mind off my sense of being uprooted from our home in Thailand.

During this time, I discovered my love for sketching and the piano. The art I create, and the musical pieces I play have become more intricate as my discipline, coordination, and agility have continually improved. Later in my senior year, dentistry captured my attention after visiting my dentist, Dr. K, for a simple restorative procedure. I was mesmerized by the degree of technical and manual dexterity skills at his command as he restored my tooth. Dr. K's kind and caring demeanor also had a lasting impact on my professional direction, and he is one of the principal role models I continue to think about to this day.

When I walked into Dr. K’s clinic, I felt welcomed by each dental staff member. The constant feeling of being an ‘other,’ an outcast at the school, had marred my self-esteem, and here, I felt a sense of belonging. The diversity and hospitable nature of dentistry compelled me. After exploring and researching dental professions, I became increasingly attracted to all aspects of Dentistry. The dentist that I want to become is an artist, provider, educator, researcher, and community leader - all at the same time.

Not long after becoming a dental assistant eight years ago, I realized that Dentistry represented much more than a successful career; it was rapidly becoming my purpose in life. My experience in the dental field has provided me with ample opportunities to grow both personally and professionally. It has taught me how to build meaningful relationships with others and utilize my skills for the greater good. Most of all, I have learned that nothing comes easy without hard work and determination - which I will cling to tightly for the rest of my life.

Now serving as an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant, I work closely with the dentists at ____ Dental to fulfill the needs of every patient, developing tailor-made approaches for each one. Alongside my license to restore fillings, being an EFDA has allowed me to form deep connections with patients, cultivating their trust in my abilities to help care for them. When I started my position here, I was inspired by their motto, "Grow with us." The mentorship of each dentist here has contributed to the growth of my clinical skills and active participation in the community. While volunteering at their annual Dentistry from the Heart event, I assisted and restored cavity preparations and witnessed free dental care's profound impact in underserved communities. Patients’ letters of gratitude for relieving them of years of pain have been the icing on the cake and have filled me with a profound sense of contentment. For me, this was a further testament to how dentistry makes a lasting and sustainable impact on the lives of others and can have an indelible impact on someone else’s life.

I want to use my passion as a vehicle for educating others. Since my dad has Type 1 diabetes, one of my first college courses was Biochemistry to help me to understand better the physiological and chemical processes involved in diabetics. I hope at some point to research the effects of systemic diseases on oral health. As a dentist, I could continue my education and work constructively in the right direction in a unified, viable, and sustainable way.

I aim to provide patients with top-notch care while creating an environment that fosters connection, vitality, and comfort. My commitment to becoming a dentist stems from years of experience, thought, and reflection. I believe that I have acquired the necessary skills needed for dental school, and I bring a growth mindset and excitement to learn, which will help me hit the ground running in your program and excel.

I assure you that, if accepted, I will utilize my potential to serve the community with the highest standards of professional ethics.

Thank you for considering my application to Dental School.

Dental School Personal Statement


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