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Letter of Recommendation, LOR for Dental Assistant to Dental School

Updated: May 2

To Whom It May Concern,

letter of recommendation writing service
LOR for Dental School, Writing Service

I am extremely pleased to write this recommendation letter, vouching for Mr. Alireza Farazpey's professional capability to support his candidacy to enter your dental school program. I have had the extensive privilege of training and supervising Alireza in my dental office. He has served most diligently as a dental assistant for over four years, consistently achieving increasingly positive results. He ranks among the best assistants I have ever had, and I am confident that he will excel in Dental School. He has a good grasp of the theoretical and practical aspects of Dentistry. I know him to be resilient, optimistic, perseverant, highly intelligent, and skilled - with a passionate dedication to Dentistry and an insatiable thirst for learning.

I first met Alireza in the summer of 2017 when he told me about his desire to become a dentist and asked me to shadow and assist at my office. In a short time, Alireza progressed from being a novice to a valuable asset, and it was not long before I began to depend on his excellent work. I am confident that Alireza will perform excellently throughout his career, powered by his attention to detail, critical thinking, commitment to patient wellness, and thoroughgoing professionalism. Alireza demonstrates exceptional drive, is a rapid learner, and works independently. He has learned to assist me with excellent efficiency during restorative and surgical procedures, even operating some equipment and systems in the office. He is highly skilled at preparing patients and equipment for examinations and treatments. Now a chairside assistant with excellent dexterity, Alireza demonstrates an insatiable curiosity about each patient's unique condition, medical history, and treatment options.

Alireza is also knowledgeable about a variety of dental technics and processes, as well as materials. He can take flawless impressions and x-rays, apply fluoride and sealants, fabricate temporary crowns, provide dental hygiene, and teach preventive dentistry to patients, complete with unique dietary instructions just for them. In addition to performing back-office duties, Alireza is an excellent front-office manager. His professional business and education experiences have helped him become highly polished and efficient. His communication skills make it seem easy to manage a dental office smoothly. Alireza is popular with patients because he provides excellent customer service and knows how to build an authentic rapport with them. He truly cares about patient safety and well-being – a quality that will serve his patients well—this level of caring and compassion for others is essential in our profession. Being a kind and understanding person is the first prerequisite of being an excellent dentist, and I don’t doubt that Alireza will excel on this front as well.


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