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Sample Letter of Recommendation from Dentist Supervisor for Dental Assistant, LOR for IDP

Updated: Mar 23

My name is Dr. XXXX XXXX DDS and I have my own general dentistry practice in XXXX, NY. I write this letter on behalf of my Dental Assistant, XXXX XXXX, who I could not recommend more highly for selection to your distinguished DDS/DMD program. I have known her for almost three years and she has proven to be one of the most exceptional students and assistants that I have ever had the privilege of mentoring and working alongside. XXXX and I share a great love and appreciation for the vast cultural and linguistic diversity surrounding us on XXXX and we often share for hours at a time about opportunities to attend to the oral health concerns of the less fortunate members of our community, to which we both currently devote much of our time and energy, as much as our other responsibilities allow. The vast need that exists in XXXX for oral health outreach to the underserved highlights for us the importance of education, prevention and early intervention strategies. XXXX, in particular, has been most diligent over the course of these past three years discovering, learning about, observing and formulating i to the oral health issues central to our underserved communities.

XXXX has a deep-seated passion for dentistry and a profound commitment to lifetime education in dentistry so as to make constant progress – always devoting as much of her energy as she can to the underserved. Throughout the Summer of 2016, she came into my private practice nearly every day to shadow, despite the fact that she was still working a full-time job. By that Fall, XXXX had amassed nearly 400 hours of observation, paying very careful attention to my clinical work and never hesitating to ask excellent questions. We would often stay late discussing complex or unusual procedures. Soon, XXXX became my full-time dental assistant. Always organized and attentive, often, XXXX arrives with notes in the morning concerning the research that she had performed the night before with respect to the challenges that we face day to day and the areas that we have identified for advancement.

Naturally inquisitive, XXXX is always pushing the boundaries of her comfort zone. As a Dental Assistant, XXXX makes appointments and educates patients in Polish as well as English, giving our clinic an international feel that we very much appreciate. Nowadays, I hear XXXX speaking more and more Spanish as well, on the phone with patients or prospective patients with limited English, and it is in this direction where we are headed, given the great need that exists among more recent, primarily Spanish-speaking arrivals to our community. She is also responsible for setting up the room for each patient, greeting, welcoming, comforting, seating, and draping each patient. She then performs any X-rays that are necessary. Assisting me with suction and visibility throughout most procedures, XXXX’s warmth, charm, and professional acumen make patients invariably feel at ease. With one nervous patient, she uploaded an episode of his favorite TV show to her cellphone to calm his nerves.

I never cease to be amazed at XXXX’s level of dedication and her unbridled enthusiasm to be her best and get the most out of each clinical experience. Her grasp of dentistry is advanced and expanding every day, which will enable her to hit the ground running and excel in your program. XXXX plans to continue to work as a dental assistant in my office throughout her gap year, during which she also plans to become certified. I could not feel more confident that she is ready to pursue further studies in dental school, and there is no doubt in my mind that she will be highly successful. I know that she has everything it takes to achieve greatness in her future endeavors. If I can provide you with any further information with respect to XXXX’s application to your program, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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