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Letter of Recommendation Sample, International Dentist Program

Updated: Apr 14

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Dr. XXXX DDS and I own and operate my own general dentistry practice in New Jersey. It is with great pleasure that I recommend XXXX for selection to an Advanced Standing Program for International Dentists. XXXX has an outstanding capacity and high level of motivation for the practice of Dentistry I could not be more fully convinced that she will prove herself to be a credit to the institution that is fortunate enough to select her.

It will soon be 3 years that XXXX has been serving as my Dental Assistant in my clinic and I have come to appreciate her contribution to our everyday challenges more than I can express in words. At every step of the way, XXXX has never failed to go that extra mile as needed – with great capacity to do so. Since 2016, I have come to depend on her support in almost every aspect of the day-to-day operation of our clinic and attention to our patients. She will be as sorely missed as she will be impossible to replace.

Ledja’s strong work ethic defines her very existence and her enthusiasm for sharing her advanced understanding with her coworkers never dims. She thrives on learning and her zest for advancement and progress is contagious. Always with a warm smile, she is easy to talk to and quick to assist with whatever needs to be done: proactive, she always offers help as appropriate. Every day, XXXX treats our patients with the utmost kindness and she stays well informed and up to date concerning any issue that we might have in our practice. She is in charge of taking x-rays, preparing and setting up trays for different procedures, dental materials, disinfecting rooms and sterilizing instruments.

My dental practice is located in Old Bridge, New Jersey, and we focus primarily on oral surgery, implants, Endodontic treatments and sleep issues. I am especially engaged with Sleep Medicine and I am thus able to offer my patients a broad range of appliances related to their sleep apnea levels and needs. XXXX is part of our team in screening patients for sleep apnea and she has become quite knowledgeable about these important issues in Dentistry. She was part of the two-day course on sleep apnea medicine, taking place in New Jersey and Connecticut. Much of our concern in Sleep Medicine is related to Orthodontics, an area in which XXXX has had advanced training. Since many of the appliances that we use for the treatment of sleep apnea are also used in Orthodontics, XXXX has an edge since they are designed with the mandibular protrusion and vertical component facilitating an opened airway. She is also adept at providing our patients with detailed instructions concerning each appliance used.

I am confident that Ledja will prove to be an especially hardworking student and benefit immensely from your program, enabling her to make her maximum, extensive contribution to our field. XXXX is a master of multitasking and often finds herself engaged in several important aspect of what is going on almost at the same time: taking 3D x-rays, and facilitating the patient’s understanding of pre-operative procedures, especially for general anesthesia extractions patients. It is also often Ledja who calls in the prescription to the pharmacy.

I could not be more enthusiastic in my recommendation of XXXX for a position in your dental school program for international dentists. I am sure that her perseverance and dedication will enable her to go far in dentistry. Without a doubt, XXXX would make important contributions to your program if accepted.


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