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LOR from General Dentist, Writing and Editing Service Sample

Updated: Mar 23

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Dr. XXXX, DDS, and I have been practicing general dentistry in Connecticut for the past three years. I have enjoyed very much having the help of XXXX who has been serving alongside me for just over one year. Thus, it is a distinct pleasure to recommend XXXX for acceptance into your international dentist program.

Throughout the course of this last year, Areen has shown great interest in learning and our entire team has found great pleasure in her company because her intense passion for advancement in dentistry is contagious and inspiring. XXXX is a focused, dedicated, and very hard worker who gives her all to our patients and the day-to-day challenges that we face. She has earned my deepest respect because she has always demonstrated outstanding ethics and maintained a clear sense of purpose and professional responsibility.

XXXX has assisted with almost all of the different dental procedures that we perform in our office including but not limited to new patient evaluations, periodontal therapies, extractions, endodontic procedures, bridges, restorative and esthetic dental procedures, implants etc. She is very detail oriented, a quick learner, and invariably grasps and does what needs to be done very quickly and effectively. A most excellent communicator, Areen understands our patients, is most polite, and more and more I have heard our patients requesting her specifically to care for them. She also has been showing me teeth preps on typodonts that she has been practicing at home.

Already adept when she arrived, I have witnessed a tremendous, further improvement in her clinical skills with all types of restorative work, including but not limited to amalgams, composites and crown-and-bridge preps. She is a kind woman who has demonstrated tremendous dedication for learning. She is highly compassionate with our patients, with an excellent work ethic, confident, disciplined. She is highly respected by our staff for her extensive grasp of basic dentistry. I always discuss cases with her and she never ceases to amaze me by the way she quickly trots out our treatment options for each case. Her car is almost always the first one in the parking lot in the morning.

I wish all the best for XXXX and feel most confident that she will prove to be a great asset to the institution that she attends.


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