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I am a candidate for admission to your program since I look forward to studying Dentistry in a department with a high regard for research and state-of-the-art Dental Science. I hope to be offered a position as a student in a program at the forefront of addressing the challenges facing the profession of dentistry today and introducing new dental technologies in our communities.

Iraq invaded Iran when I was a child. Subsequently, I grew up to be an earnest young person because of having this first-hand experience of massive pain and suffering so close by and so intense. This caused me to focus on science as an answer to human suffering early on. Those medical professionals who picked up the pieces from this war became my childhood heroes. I looked up to them, and it was they who I most admired and sought to imitate while I was still a teenager, longing and planning for my professional development.

Dental School Personal Statement for Admission
Dental School Personal Statement Editing Service

My life has long been and always will be dedicated to the service of others in my community. Before attending college in Iran, I volunteered in the Polio Eradication Program. I served as part of a vaccination team that went door to door, vaccinating children under five. In college, my interest in genetics led me to develop and pursue a particular interest in cytogenetic analysis. As a junior, I conducted extensive research on the Carthamus genus's numerical and structural chromosome abnormalities. I performed chromosome pairing and chiasma frequency studies involving two Carthamus species, categorizing the species according to the UPGMA cluster analysis method. Contributing to the publication of a related research paper was one of my most outstanding achievements. I also engaged in extensive research on the microbial degradation of crude oil. In the end, my team converted approximately sixty-five percent of crude oil into a nano-benzene extractable form.

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To community service combined with an extensive background in the Physical Sciences. I have had numerous classes in Embryology, Applied Genetics, Microbiology, etc., and I spent more than 80 hours shadowing Doctor XXXX in his dental office. I feel very privileged to have had this opportunity to observe Dr. XXXX attending to his patients (which included implants) and my chance to interact with patients as well. As a result of this experience and extensive independent reading, I have become quite familiar with strategies for oral health promotion and disease prevention.

What I most look forward to in the future is the opportunity to participate in visiting dentist programs in the Global South, to be able to go to places where people have no access to dental care, serving these people represents for me the most satisfying experience that I could have. I am a cosmopolitan person with diverse interests and a deep love for service to others. I have traveled in Europe and have also visited Turkey and I look forward to a lifetime of service to diverse clients from many ethnic backgrounds and language groups and especially being of service to the medically and dentally underserved.

Thank you for considering my application.

Dental School Personal Statement Example


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