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Endodontics Residency Personal Statement Sample, Latina from Colombia

Updated: Mar 21

I was a few years older than most of my classmates in dental school because I did not come to the USA until I was 15 and it took me several years to fully adapt to English so as to be competitive academically. Nevertheless, I was determined and I was accepted to XXXX University’s XXXX School of Dental Medicine, graduating in May of 2010. My father, now a Computational and Applied Mathematics Professor at the University of XXXX, was a great inspiration and helped me at every step of the way towards my goal of becoming a state-of-the-art dentist. Since my graduation, I have spent the last 7 years eating, sleeping, and breathing dentistry and I now have the maturity, insight, focus, direction and solid foundation in general dentistry that will enable me to hit the ground running in your distinguished Endodontics Residency Program and inspire me to a lifetime of research and advancement in the area of dentistry that is closest to my heart and where my greatest passion lies: Endodontics.

I hope to give more and more of my time to treating the underserved in the future; and it pleases me greatly that such a large percentage of the underserved share my native language. I still have family in Colombia and have visited over the years, spending significant periods of time working as a volunteer dentist alongside my aunt who is also a dentist and another of my great family inspirations. We are from a small city that has very limited access and I enjoy doing what I can and befriending the people. For me dentistry is not operating a business or simply providing a service, but about devotion and commitment to holistically care for one’s community, one’s people, to the best of his or her ability – always in constant learning mode.

I have paid careful attention to the way that the members of underserved communities generally only seek dental care when they are in pain. This pulls at the strings of my heart in the most profound fashion and makes me greatly inspired to do all that I can to help these people at a fee that they can afford. I have served as a bilingual teacher for an underserved community in Austin, Texas, and I was able to witness first-hand the great oral health needs that exist for both adults and their children. I have listened to many sad stories of ineffectual home remedies that are employed and I am also deeply troubled by the fact that so many of our most vulnerable members of society find themselves forced to have tooth extractions rather than root canals because of the cost factor. I day-dream of being able in the future of saving more and more teeth and extracting fewer and fewer, with the underserved as well. Becoming a certified endodontist will allow me to have the greatest and most positive impact that I can on my patient’s life. For me, Endo is both the most challenging and the most rewarding of all areas of dentistry; nothing brings me greater joy than alleviating my patient’s pain and saving the tooth in question. For me, that is hitting the bullseye.

Two-and-a-half years ago, I decided to open my own solo practice; and although it has been a wonderful learning and life changing experience, more and more I feel driven to specialize further, cultivating and treasuring my passion for Endodontics. I’ve developed great relationships with endodontists and spend a lot of time talking to them about cases and life styles. I love the fact that an endodontist gets to see and treat one patient at a time, and the fact that the patient gets the best possible care. I have been doing root canals for some time and it is here that I want to focus on the many things that I still have to learn about file systems, cleaning and shaping, canal location, using the microscope, fractured teeth, etc. I am aware that I will always have limitations as a general dentist doing endodontic therapy and I want to overcome them. I am already planning for the adjustments that will need to be made and details attended to as a result of becoming part of your team, since I am established in XXXX, Texas with both my family and my practice. I am eager to get started, however, because Endo is first in my heart.

Thank you for considering my application.

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