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Endodontics Residency Writing & Editing Service

Updated: Jan 26

I seek to build a relationship with Endodontics that is like the best of all marriages, a unique, heartfelt connection and multifaceted commitment that increases incrementally over time. I hope to be selected for a residency program in Endodontics because of my record of accomplishment in dentistry and my great passion for Endodontics.

I first decided to seek advanced training in Endodontics when I served as an Associate Dentist in my native India, not long after finishing dental school in my country. I took her place when our associate performing endodontic treatments left the clinic. At first, I was nervous, but with each new patient to which I administered an endodontic procedure, my confidence grew along with my growing passion for this area of dentistry. Soon, I fell in love with the challenge of looking for extra canals, negotiating through calcified canals, and completing challenging cases.

One prominent reason Endodontics has become the center of my world is that those who need an endodontic procedure often come in excruciating pain. I find their gratitude to be the sweetest possible reward. Nothing excites me more or leaves me feeling more fulfilled than alleviating pain sustainably, freeing my patients from acute pain, and saving their teeth simultaneously. Eager to gain as much expertise in Endodontics as possible, I assisted the visiting endodontist in India in surgical and complicated non-surgical cases. Concurrently, I attended a six-month general practice residency program that gave me one-on-one training with the endodontic faculty to improve my skill further. I was able to perform 250+ RCTs, including primary teeth and retreatments. After four years of clinical practice in India, I moved to the United States.

When I entered the Advanced Standing DDS Program at XXXX University, it seemed that the more I learned about endodontics, the more there was to learn. I especially appreciate the support of my mentor Dr. XXXX, Chair of the Endodontics Department at XXXX. As a result of his leadership, I listened to diverse guest lectures by renowned endodontists. Under Dr. XXXX’s guidance, I was privileged to assist with a retreatment case. I also discovered exciting technological advantages, like microscopes, which would allow me to perform endodontic treatments more perfectly. Perfection seemed within my reach for the first time, and I gave it my all.

Another highlight of my time at XXXX was performing patient case reviews under the guidance of Associate Professor of Endodontics Dr. Nathaniel XXXX. In addition to his lectures filled with pearls of wisdom gleaned from decades of practice, he also helped me develop in Endodontics by encouraging me to share my experiences as a dentist in India and showing me how to build on those experiences most successfully. My in-depth exposure to Endodontics at Howard reaffirmed my dedication to cultivating a lifetime specialization in this area.

For the past two years since graduation, I have continued to learn from the pioneers as part of the online AAE community in Endodontics. I have also been taking CE courses from the AAE Live Learning Center and participating in the annual meetings of the AAE in 2017 & 2018.

I am also enrolled in pre-specialty Endodontic training at the University XXXX, studying everything from pulp biology to surgery. I hope to complete my didactic curriculum, which will prepare me for my endodontic residency to hit the ground running in the program for clinical research. When I attended the annual American Association of Endodontists session last month, every lecture revealed important nuances that stayed with me. I think about them with great frequency, hungry for the prospect of learning increasingly from teachers on the forefront, becoming an integrated part of the Endodontics community, all of us harnessing our energy together to achieve the best possible outcomes for our patients. For me, Endodontics represents, primarily, a way to bring healing to patients, but I also seek a lifelong engagement with research and would be most honored to teach at some point in my career.

Currently a general dentist with private practice, I feel like a “jack of all trades” who hasn’t mastered any of them. I also must call an endodontist for more complex endodontic cases. While I’ve learned a lot from shadowing this endodontist, I also have an overwhelming desire to focus on endodontics as my lifelong specialty and learn how to complete these treatments myself. I want to become an endodontist who can take full advantage of technological progress using their knowledge to perform crucial microsurgeries, always seeking to maximize patient outcomes further concerning. Thank you for considering my application.

Endodontics Residency Writing & Editing Service


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