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Endodontics Residency Personal Statement Sample

Updated: Jan 26

A dentist initially from India, I earned my DDS Degree at XXXX University and have been practicing dentistry for five years, 1.5 here in America. Throughout my dental school studies, I became clearer and especially enthralled with every aspect of Endodontics, alleviating pain and discomfort and saving the teeth. After gaining additional experience in dentistry here in the USA, it is even more apparent that I want to give my all to a lifetime specialization in Endodontics.

I was the first to go to college in my family in India. My marriage brought me to the USA, and I restarted my career by earning my DDS program at XXU. Those three hectic years at XXU helped me fully appreciate the larger picture of the advanced state of dentistry in America. By the time I graduated from XXU, I was exposed to the complete microcosm of patients and their families in the USA, people from all levels of society, ethnic groups, cultures, and languages. I thrived in this fully international dental community. As a dental student and practicing dentist, I have strived to provide the finest care I can to each patient I attend. I have learned from them, and I read myself to sleep every night about the latest advances in dentistry, especially concerning techniques. There is always a new diagnosis that I feel highly motivated to study. For the last several years, in particular, my certainty that Endodontics is my calling has been reinforced by the fact that increasingly, my study has gravitated to this area, both on my own and with CE courses. Nothing excites and engages me more than the preservation of tooth structure.

I look forward to a long, intensive, sustained engagement with all aspects of Endodontics, clinical practice, contributing to research, and someday teaching in my field. Endodontics appeals significantly to my nature; conservative in many things, including dentistry; I appreciate what is natural and non-invasive to the extent possible. A deeply spiritual person, sometimes I think of a tooth as something very much like a human being, an aspect of human life created by God with intrinsic value. Furthermore, I hope to give as much of my time and energy to come serving as an Endodontist in a voluntary capacity taking care of the oral health care needs of the underserved; I see Endodontics as a handy field for caring for these oral health needs of those with fewer resources.

I am now at an intermediate level in Spanish. Since Christmas Eve a few years ago, I have had an exceptionally keen desire to improve my Spanish. I was alone in the clinic finishing with my last patient. I heard a commotion at the front desk and someone speaking Spanish angrily. When I stepped out, I saw a lady in her fifties in visible pain, requesting that she be tended to. Since it was Christmas Eve and already late, the office staff was anxious to leave but prepared the chair. I called the babysitter to inquire about my daughter and returned to work. The X-Rays revealed extensive pus formation. I proceeded to perform RCT after explaining the situation to the patient. I removed caries, obtained access, and extirpated the pulp, drained the pus, irrigated the canal with sodium hypochlorite solution, and allowed it to dry. I placed calcium hydroxide medicaments inside the channel. I prescribed antibiotics and painkillers and asked her to return after a week for a follow-up and continued RCT. The shocking and memorable part about this treatment was that I did the whole thing in Spanish, my first time without a translator.

I love how every patient brings a new situation or a novel challenge. I have always approached each one as an opportunity to provide the best care possible and improve myself. The daily novelty and challenges excite me the most about dentistry, particularly Endodontics. I see my never-ending quest for constant self/professional improvement as intrinsic to my identity. Protecting and preserving tooth structure stands at the center of my world. I even dream about it at night.

Endodontists Learning Spanish for Helping the Underserved
Spanish for International Dentists

One week after that late Christmas Eve night practicing dentistry alone in Spanish, my patient returned on New Year's Eve, thanking me with tears for giving her a pain-free week with her grandchildren. I understood her perfectly with no translator. I savor and ponder moments such as these frequently because they drive me forward each day.

I appreciate your consideration of my application for a residency position in Endodontics.

Endodontics Residency Personal Statement Sample


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