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Endodontics Residency Oral Health Education

Updated: Jan 23

By the time I finished my third year of dental school at King Abdulaziz University, I knew that the area I wanted to specialize in was Endodontics. During my third year, I began observing and assisting in a private clinic in support of a distinguished General Dentist, Dr. Jamal Alharaki. Since then, I have spent my free time mostly reading about Endodontics; I could not be more excited about being selected for a position in the USA that would provide me with advanced training in this area of dentistry.

In my fourth year of dental school, my world lit up like a videogame, and the highest moments of my life I spent in what we call our “Phantom Lab,” where much of our efforts were devoted to Endodontics. The more competent and practiced I became in the basics of endo, the more I began to experience a great deal of joy from finding one’s calling or vocation. My profound love for Endodontics makes me feel whole and fulfilled, dedicated to lifelong education and immersion – research and practice in Endo.

In my fifth year, while completing my final requirements, I gave it my all and put in a great deal of extra work, striving for excellence, particularly on the clinical exam. I ran up against a unique challenge with tooth number #14, with two canals and a Vertucci type II. I was stressed but especially pleased to have met that challenge skillfully. I came to a fuller appreciation on that occasion of the way that endo is full of surprises, and I have come to crave the challenges it presents.

I enjoyed participating in a summer training program in Endo in a specialty hospital in Jeddah following my completion of dental school. I kept training and improving my skill. Afterward, I gave my all to an internship program where I had the marvelous opportunity of assisting two distinguished endodontists: Drs XXXX and XXXX, learning a great deal about Endodontics. Some of the research I contributed to resulted in my opportunity to make a poster presentation that was very well received. My love for Endodontics deepened still further.

Volunteer service stands at the core of my self-understanding as a dentist. I have long engaged in various volunteer activities to promote oral health before and after dental school. After graduating, I continued to enhance my knowledge and skill in endodontics. I became a supervisor and instructor in the CCC or ER, helping them with some of their more complex cases. I volunteered to serve with no pay in our interns’ office for ten months after graduation, assisting in the office and the clinic. I currently serve as a Teaching Assistant in Endodontics at Alfrabi College and devote many hours each week to my volunteer service, working in a private clinic in the evenings.

I have developed a close relationship with the King Fahad Armed Forces Hospital for some time now, where I have learned a great deal, especially in the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Department, where I have had the privilege of attending a wide variety of diverse types of cases and patients. I have learned to function at my best under high pressure and stress. I serve in a busy hospital on the front lines of attention to victims of accidents, political violence, prisoners, etc. Some of my patients have lost eyes or have been near death, always presenting severe and unique challenges.

My central professional goal is to increase awareness in the community of the importance of oral health and endodontic treatment. I hope to progressively be able to devote countless hours to oral health education in the community as my career progresses. In this way, I hope to make significant, structural, and sustainable contributions to the oral health of my community in Saudi Arabia. I appreciate your attention to my application to develop skills to empower me in the critically key area of Endodontics.

In addition to working to increase the awareness of the importance of Endodontic treatment in the community, I also look forward to a long professional lifetime teaching Endodontics in Saudi Arabia, passing on the torch to new generations of Endodontists in my country, and working in close coordination with our Ministry of Health. I have been integrally involved in resolving many complex cases, often with medically compromised patients. This will help me hit the ground running and excel in your program. I am especially adept at Endodontics and look forward to excelling.

I thank you for considering my application to your distinguished program in Endodontics.

Endodontics Residency Oral Health Education

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