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CAAPID Personal Statement Examples Writing Service

Updated: Jan 28

I feel an inner calling to acquire the latest technological knowledge and enhance my skills in delivering dental services to realize my fullest potential and maximize my contribution to society. I feel privileged and blessed to have the opportunity for advanced training in Dentistry in the US. Born in India, I am now a permanent resident of the USA and have been making my home here with my family since 2016. After finishing dental school in India in 2003, I enjoyed a full 13 years of practice and research experience; much of my attention was given to the underserved in India throughout this period. India's tremendous oral health challenges, with so many in need and few resources to work with, helped me develop remarkable resilience and perseverance. My principal research interests lie in Dental Public Health Education, particularly for the working poor. In addition to earning a doctoral degree in Dentistry and practicing here in the USA for the balance of my professional lifetime, I also want to do all I can to develop strategies to improve the efficiency of oral health care systems in India.

My vast experience in providing oral health services to needy members of the Indian public, especially in rural areas with no access to oral health care, has provided me with an understanding of the depth of the challenges that we face in India in our efforts to care for our underprivileged communities. Thus, I hope to be selected for your highly competitive doctoral program for International Dentists to have the opportunity to give my all to the development of strategies to improve the efficiency of the use of oral health resources, especially concerning underdeveloped countries such as India with large populations. I read widely in a variety of areas related to the issue of access to care, such as the influence of third-party payment mechanisms on the delivery of dental health care services in the US, in the hope of being able to contribute to the adoption of such plans in ways that are commensurate with the realities of developing countries such as India.

As an enthusiastic dentist who has permanently relocated to America primarily to broaden my professional horizons and realize my fullest potential in Dentistry, my dedication to my profession is unwavering. I hope to someday establish my dentistry practice in the USA, with a particular emphasis on providing care for the indigent and underprivileged to the extent I can.

Dentistry allows me to engage with the community, create a special bond with the population served, enhance personal knowledge, develop better interpersonal communicative skills, and increase social awareness and responsibility towards community needs. I seek the world-class, well-rounded education in dentistry and oral health care issues your program can provide. After earning my doctoral degree, I plan to continue my education in dental implants and collaborate with technological institutions to find ways to design and manufacture low-cost implants that could eventually improve the lives of millions, if not billions, of people worldwide.

I could not be more excited by the prospects of decades to come spent collaborating with the Indian Dental Association and the Indian government to increase access to quality oral health care for all people who need it and enhance oral health awareness through education, behavior modification, risk education, and disease prevention management. Especially concerning India, I want to continue focusing on providing mobile dental services to the disabled and the elderly, particularly those with special needs. Towards this end, I am also very well-read in mobile dental services, paying incredibly close attention to those models being developed for the underserved in the Developing World.

Growing up as a child, my parents profoundly influenced my character. Leading by example, they introduced me to volunteering at Sri Sathya Sai Seve Organization in India. Volunteering experiences have reshaped my values, beliefs, perspectives, and vision and contributed to becoming a person with true integrity. As a volunteer, I want to render selfless service with loving care and gentle enthusiasm, instilling courage, and confidence in the patients. I want to utilize the Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organization of India to promote oral health awareness in underprivileged communities in India.

Sports help me develop a more remarkable power of observation and the ability to think tactically to overcome obstacles. I appreciate how they promote my teamwork spirit and ability to lead and inspire others. Playing Cricket improves my flexibility and hand-eye coordination.

Thank you for your consideration of my application.

CAAPID Personal Statement Examples Writing Service


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