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Indian International Dentist Advanced Standing Underserved

Updated: Jan 20

writing and editing personal statements for international dentists
Indian International Dentist, Helping the Underserved

I hope to be selected to complete your competitive Advanced Standing Program for International Dentists based on my passion for dentistry, especially pediatric dentistry, my record of accomplishment as an extremely hard worker dedicated to lifelong education and advancement in my field, and especially my devotion to the cause of helping the underserved. I want to distinguish myself in your program as someone who does their best to think about dentistry and the significant needs in oral health care – from a global perspective. I look forward to giving increasingly copious amounts of my time to help the underserved. This is where my heart is, which brings me the greatest joy, fulfilling my need to serve my community and maximize my contribution to society in this vital area.

Children in need of dental care who do not have access because of financial considerations are something that I find deeply troubling. I hope to open my own Pediatric Dentistry clinic as I progress in my career, with the door open to those needy children and their families that cannot afford care—being there for as many as possible in my professional life, doing the greatest good for my community.

I was born and raised in Andhra Pradesh, a rural region in the South of India. This helps explain why I have aspired to become a doctor since childhood. I remember the day I promised my Grade 1 teacher I would become a doctor. My only focus ever since has been to become a doctor. In time, my passion focused on dentistry as the path where I could make my maximum contribution to health care in this most central and vital of areas.

I will never forget my first class in dental school, taught by an Oral Pathologist, Dr. XXXX. He helped me understand and appreciate the grandeur and value of dentistry in everyday life. His class was most inspiring and doubled my efforts to become the best dentist possible. After graduation, I began practicing dentistry at Dr. XXXX's Dentocare in Nandyal, my hometown. Most of my patients were from the countryside, and many of them, if not most, were illiterate. I had the opportunity during this period to treat hundreds, if not thousands, especially since I went on to serve as a junior dentist at a public hospital for two years.

I moved to the USA early in 2017 and began almost immediately preparing to restart my career in Dentistry here in America. Completing several continuing education courses kept me engaged and learning. A particular highlight had the opportunity to attend the Yankee Dental Conference held in Boston in January 2019, where I learned many valuable things about emerging innovations and their applications. I got the chance to shadow a dentist in 2019, Dr. XXXX, at Harbor House, Inc. in Nashua, NH. This experience helped me better understand the vast difference between how dentistry is practiced here in America compared to India.

I have much to learn to develop my skills and knowledge base, discover the latest techniques, and thoroughly examine the issues on the forefront of Dentistry as practiced in the USA. Still, I am starting with a solid command of conservative and pediatric dentistry (pulpotomy, pulpectomy) and endodontics. I want to become a pediatric dentist and am incredibly excited to learn about dental lasers and autogenous tooth transplantation. Nothing excites me as much as learning about innovations, especially everything related to digital dentistry. I look forward to contributing to research in any way I can in the future, as I see that as an integral aspect of our profession.

For the past three years in the USA, I have been a Red Cross volunteer helping people with medical emergencies. I have also had the honor to serve as a Red Cross Blood Donor Ambassador, greeting blood donors, registering them, and explaining the guidelines, clarifying doubts, monitoring vitals, and answering any questions they might have.

The great need for access to dental care in my country of origin was one of the principal reasons I decided to become a dentist in India. It troubles me to see dental care neglected and decay allowed to continue unabated, especially in children, missing the chance to correct problems early on before they become challenging. In India, on every 4th Sunday of the month, I would conduct a free dental education and consultation program and often performed procedures at no charge. I hope to continue this in the future here in America. I am troubled by many people in my community without insurance or funds to pay for dental expenses, and my heart goes out to them, especially the children. I feel needed, called, and ready to serve.

Thank you for considering my application to your IDP.

Indian International Dentist Advanced Standing


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