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CAAPID Personal Statement Orthodontist Musician

Updated: Jan 20

A smile can mean the world to a person. By the age of eleven, I was already aware of its importance since it was at that time that I began my orthodontic treatment in Dallas, Texas. Nothing came close to being as important to me then. I watched every move the orthodontist made, listened to every word, and read widely about orthodontic treatments, constantly reflecting on the process. Thus, by the time I reached adolescence, Dentistry was already at the center of my mind, hopes, and within time, my professional dreams for the future.

Dentistry, to me, was about making a significant difference in one’s quality of life. I had been shy about opening my mouth for several years, especially in pictures, which suggested a more somber child than I was. Worse still, it made me timid around strangers. My treatment changed my appearance and outlook on many vital issues, raising my self-confidence and esteem. The radical change it brought about in my life was so significant that doing anything professionally other than bringing joy to others by becoming a dentist never occurred. My professional dreams were crystallized early on, and I set myself on a course for dental school with great determination, working hard towards my goal through high school.

Born and raised in the USA until 13, I was less than thrilled when my parents decided to move back to their country of origin, India. Looking back at the value of hindsight, I am glad I have had the opportunity to experience dentistry in India, particularly with millions of underprivileged individuals. Completing dental school in India motivated me to stay focused and continue my desire to help the needy. However, I am ready to continue giving my all to my profession in my birth and childhood country, the USA. I want to earn my doctoral degree in America and become a multilingual and multicultural dentist, celebrating diversity, and practicing dentistry on the global forefront.

Part of a family of primary doctors, I was raised to help advance our ethic of service. Providing oral health care to those with the greatest need since I was taught to cultivate and celebrate the joy of healing. Dental School was my foundation for deep enrichment as an oral health professional. My extensive participation in rural community outreach programs in India was particularly exhilarating, and I loved each aspect: organizing, screening, creating awareness, and providing treatment. A particular highlight was providing interdisciplinary health care to the underprivileged in the village of Kaiwara. Many healthcare students from various fields - Medicine, Dentistry, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy, and Nursing – made a phenomenally successful effort to provide holistic healthcare to those in need. I spread awareness about the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene and educated villagers about how to combat the prevalence of fluorosis in the area. Many of the residents of this village also suffered from the majority of oral squamous cell carcinoma, going together with tobacco consumption, turning me into a passionate crusader against tobacco and betel quid. I felt great satisfaction at being able to make a positive difference in the lives of so many.

My intense zeal for oral public health resulted in my being awarded first prize in a visual branding campaign by the government’s Clean India Program, introducing oral hygiene camps in rural areas. During my internship, I took full advantage of all opportunities for clinical practice, gaining extensive hands-on experience. In a one-month stint with the Accident and Emergency Department, I experienced the intense rush of helping to save a life.

As an associate dentist, I am now learning the art of practice management by enforcing strict ethics, guiding employees, and refining my diagnostic and treatment planning concepts. I have continued cultivating empathy for my patients, manual dexterity, analytical thinking, leadership skills, and the ability to work under pressure. My decision to continue education with a DDS/DMD program in the USA has been dramatically reinforced by working alongside talented dentists providing a wide range of procedures. Recently, I shadowed Dr. XXXX, an oral surgeon, for an entire month at UT Health in Houston, TX. I was extremely impressed with the professionalism of the staff and the high quality of care provided to the patients. Shadowing has helped me envision the future I want in America, giving my all to dentistry. I look forward to practicing evidence-based dentistry in the USA.

Accomplished in Indian music, playing my instruments at night enables me to rid myself of stress and enhance the skill of my fingers, rising refreshed each day to give my all to becoming the most efficient oral surgeon possible. I am confident I will excel due to my keen desire to contribute to my community.

Thank you so much for considering my application.

CAAPID Personal Statement Orthodontist Musician

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